Best Mini Washing Machine: Save Space and Time

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Mini washing machine reviewed

If the space you’re in doesn’t allow for a full-sized washing machine, a mini washing machine might just be able to do the trick for you when it comes to both the energy and time you can save doing your dirty laundry.

Say goodbye to pruney hands, having to dry your laundry over your kitchen sink, and going back and forth from the Laundromat.

COMFEE’ Mini Washer

44.1 pounds18.1 x 17.7 x 31.5 inches0.9 Cubic Feet62 dB
Panda Full-Automatic Mini Washing Machine

58 pounds20 x 19 x 34 inches1.34 Cubic Feet74 dB
BLACK+DECKER Portable Washer

39.7 pounds19 x 33 x 19.8 inches0.84 Cubic Feet1 dB
Faberware Professional Portable Washer

7 pounds18.4 x 19.8 x 31 inches1 Cubic Feet64 dB

44.1 pounds17.7 x 18.1 x 31.5 inches0.9 Cubic Feet74 dB

Typically slightly less powerful and smaller than the traditional laundry machine, portable washers use buckets of water or a sink hookup to wash and rinse clothes and be stored away into a utility cupboard when not needed. This piece is going to look at some of the best mini washing machines out there.

Portable washing machines come in manual and electric versions. So whether you want to do laundry in a small home or tiny apartment or whether you want one for your camping trips, there’s something available on the market that’s right for you. Their average capacity usually measures about 1.6 cubic feet.

With that said, let’s take a closer look at some of the best portable washing machines money can buy.

Best Overall: COMFEE’ Mini Washer

COMFEE’ Mini Washer Review

Equipped with Soak, Rapid, Normal, Soft, and Heavy programs, you’re allowed to start up the washer however you like. Washing programs can also be customized by adding additional spin time, rinse time and wash time or selecting load size.

With a height of 31.5 inches, a depth of 17.7 inches, and a width of 18.1 inches, this mini washing machine can be stored very easily as well. Its compact size means it can be stored in your dorm, RV, utility closet, and even your bathtub.

This product is Department of Energy (DOE) certified. You’ll save slightly over 85% on your energy consumption compared to other similar products. It also has a see-through lid, allowing users to keep an eye on the washing conditions and the water. An LED display function on the lid tells you how much time is left before the cycle ends.

Having an unbalanced washing machine can sometimes prove to be a serious problem. It can cause your washer to dance around all over the place, or worse still, causing a leakage everywhere because it has detached from the inlet.

That’s not something you’ll have to worry about with this machine. It has an Auto Unbalance Detection feature that fixes this unbalance by letting more water through. It’ll also alert you if it’s an issue that can’t be resolved, ensuring a pleasant and safe overall experience.


  1. Easy to install. It can be hooked up in 3 simple steps.
  2. Easy to relocate and store.
  3. It has wheels for easy transportation.
  4. Durable and high-quality motor.


  1. No separate spin dryer.
  2. Water can drain out of the hose sometimes.

Runner Up: Panda Full-Automatic Mini Washing Machine

Panda Full-Automatic Mini Washing Machine Review

Boasting a space-saving and unique overall design, this new 1.34 cubic feet portable load washer from Panda makes it simple and easy to wash your dirty clothes. Its compact size makes it ideal for the small loads you wash daily. It’s perfect for RVs, dorms, or small apartments.

It can also be used as a secondary washing machine in larger households. It is a portable upper-drainage, top-load mini washer with ten different washing programs you can choose from via the push of a button. It also has a five water level setting that ensures your clothes come out sparkling clean. Its quiet and sturdy design can take up to around ten pounds of laundry. Its stainless-steel drum resists chipping and rust.

Its three prongs 110V can be connected anywhere. It has a motor rate of about 310Watts which means you can save a lot on energy consumption. The machine, though, has only a single water inlet feature that can be attached to your standard, regular faucet. It also comes with a quick adapter. It has an LED display on top with electronic controls. This model also features a pair of in-built rollers so that the machine can be moved around easily wherever it has been placed. The ten cycles run with total ease, and there’s a fabric softener dispenser as well.


  1. Many wash cycle options.
  2. It has a very spacious interior for its size.
  3. Fabric softener dispenser.


  1. It doesn’t have a sleek overall look.
  2. It has confusing instructions.

Alternative 1: BLACK+DECKER Portable Washer

BLACK+DECKER Portable Washer Review

This mini washing machine has an elegant overall design with a sleek body designed to manage both the washing and spinning of dirty laundry within close quarters. It also has a transparent top lid so that you can view what’s going on inside easily. This unit has a height of 31.1 inches, a depth of 17.5 inches, and a width of 17.3 inches.

It’s got a strong washing compartment that features eight cycle options for your wash load needs. These options include Tub Clean, Heavy Soil, Whites, Spin, Speed Wash, Gentle, Cotton, and Normal. It is like your classic washing machine but just smaller. Urban city dwellers who don’t have a lot of room in their homes love this device. It can be connected to the kitchen sink. It stores away neatly and nicely in a free corner somewhere. It’s perfect for RV getaways and camping trips.

It’s child safety protected as well. This unit features a shutoff function designed for both protection and safety. If you open the washing machine’s lid, it’ll automatically switch itself off. It’ll only resume once the lid has been closed properly. There’s also an LED display feature at the top that’s easy to use. There are cycle status lights on this feature, three water level options, and a comfortable viewing window.

All purchases come with accessories for permanent and temporary placements; a drain hose, water supply hose, and a quick-connect adapter, all of which connect easily to your standard sink and faucet.  It can be moved from one room to another with relative ease even though it doesn’t have wheels. You can even have it going to work in the living room, which means you can fold your dry laundry while watching one of your favorite shows.


  1. Sleek overall appearance.
  2. Easy to move around, even though it doesn’t have any wheels.
  3. It has a viewing window.


  1. It can have button complications sometimes.
  2. Small interior.

Alternative 2: Faberware Professional Portable Washer

Faberware Professional Portable Washer Review

This convenient and portable washing machine with top-loading functionality can allow you to clean up to 7 pounds of laundry wherever you are, even if you lack a dedicated washer space. It also has an LED display feature with digital controls that are very easy to use. All the washer controls are easy to access, and there’s of them in total; spin, soak, speedy, gentle, heavy, and regular.

It has an outstanding overall appearance featuring a metallic-silver outward aesthetic with chrome decorations all-around that offers an elegant and sleek look. Its soft-closing cover at the top is made from transparent tempered glass, which helps give the user a clear view of what’s going on inside the machine.

Its sturdy stainless steel interior provides users with durable washing operations with six water level options. It also doesn’t take up a lot of energy. It has a powerful drying system with exceptional water extraction functions for easier drying. This is brought about by its powerful maximum spin speed that measures around 800 RPM.

Suppose you don’t want any water leakages. The water inlet and drain hoses must be appropriately connected and then tightened so that there’s no possibility of any water damage. Inside the tub, there’s a max fill line. If water exceeds this line, it’ll be transferred to the machine’s overflow tube. When that occurs, you’ll need to drain the overflow tube properly. Avoid putting more than 7 pounds of clothes inside the tub.


  1. Can manage up to 7-pounds of laundry per cycle.
  2. LED display functionality with six wash programs.
  3. It has an overflow tube feature.
  4. Powerful drying system.
  5. Cover lid manufactured using transparent tempered glass for better viewing.


  1. No automatic fabric dispenser.
  2. Water can leak if the assembly isn’t done correctly.
  3. Complex instructions.
  4. A bit bulky.

Alternative 3: BLACK+DECKER BPWM09W Mini Washer

BLACK+DECKER BPWM09W Mini Washer Review

This small portable washer is ideal for boats, dorms, tiny apartments, and RVs. It comes in a compact size, but it’s still a very powerful machine. It can be easily moved around or stored in tight spaces and attaches to regular faucets via the sink adapter and drain hose included in the package.

It has a large capacity and convenient overall design that features a nine cubic feet tube that can clear up to around 6.6 pounds of laundry between 20-55 minutes. This portable washing machine with top loading functionality has 17.7×18.1×31.5 inches with a clear top lid and an LED display panel.

It has three water level settings and five wash cycle programs. All your laundry needs can be met via either Soak, Rapid, Normal, Gentle, and Heavy cycles. Spin, rinse, and wash cycles can be controlled with the touch of a button. Also, load size can be used to adjust the water levels.

It’s got an energy-efficient operation, in large part since you can only use cold water with it. It doesn’t have an option for hot water. Its in-built lint-filter doesn’t need to be replaced. All you have to do is clean it at least once every month. It’s designed to handle high-efficiency soaps and detergents only.

This machine, just like a few others on this list, also has the Automatic Unbalance Detection feature. To ensure the machine doesn’t produce annoying vibrations when the laundry in the tub hasn’t been appropriately distributed, this washing machine uses its automatic unbalance detection functionality to automatically correct the imbalance in the tub, getting rid of any noise that would have been produced.

If you’re tired of having to go all the way down to your apartment’s laundry room every time, or you just want to supplement what you already have, then this Black+Decker portable washer is perfect for you. It can connect to that small kitchen sink you have in your dorm room or tiny apartment. Your son or daughter doesn’t have to suffer anymore while they’re at college.


  1. Elegant overall appearance.
  2. Strong washing compartment with eight wash cycle options to choose from.
  3. It has an LED display panel.
  4. Delayed set start time.
  5. Child safety protected.


  1. You can’t use hot water with it.
  2. It can sometimes leak water if it isn’t assembled correctly.
  3. Only uses high-efficiency detergents.
  4. It doesn’t have wheels for easy transportation.

Best Mini Washing Machine FAQ

Are mini washing machines any good?

woman washing clothes

Portable washing machines are great alternatives for those who live in small spaces and for people who can’t have permanent cold and hot water hookups in these said spaces.

These mini washing machines are generally big enough to wash medium to small laundry loads, say, your workout wear or underwear, beddings, a few bath towels here and there, and even a couple of jeans.

Should you get yourself one of these machines? If your home or apartment doesn’t have a dedicated laundry room, then a portable washing machine can prove to be a lifesaver, and for some, it’s even a must. Yes, portable washers are worth it. They give you exclusive and full access to a laundry machine right there in your bathroom or kitchen.

What is the smallest size washing machine?

You can maximize that tiny living space you have with a small, portable washing machine and all this while still having the power you’d get from your traditional, full-sized washing machine.

The smallest mini washing machines out there average around 900x550x550 millimeters in size. These are the ones that can be stored anywhere.

The best mini washing machines will fit in almost any living space, and the smallest ones of them all definitely will. If you’re looking for washing machines with some of the smallest capacities on the market, what you should be considering are the 5-6 kg models.

These are usually the smallest ones you’ll find on the market. The washing machines with this capacity measure around 45cm in depth and about 60cm in width. They can comfortably fit just almost anywhere.

Do portable washing machines use a lot of electricity?

Because portable washers are way smaller than their traditional counterparts, not only do they use way less water during one wash cycle, but they also use way less energy compared to what regular washing machines use. You won’t have to worry about high electricity bills when you’re using portable washing machines.

Around 80% of the electricity used by washing machines is directed to heating water unless the washer has specifically been attached to a hot water inlet. If your portable washing machine doesn’t allow for hot water to be used, you can expect low energy usage.

Most washing machines generally use around 300 to 1200 watts, though portable machines are often on the low end of the spectrum.

Do portable washers use a lot of water?

mini washing machine pros and cons

Traditional washing machines usually use up a lot of energy and water, so if you’re looking for something that can handle a few wash cycles weekly for maybe one or two individuals, then the more affordable and greener choice is, without a doubt, a portable washing machine. Though they might need you to put in a bit more effort to ensure they work properly, they work just as well as their regular counterparts using a fraction of the water they do.

According to the Department of Energy in the U.S, the average mini washing machine, measuring in at 2.2-cubic feet, uses slightly over 8 gallons of water each wash cycle. One that is somewhat bigger, measuring in at around 4.2-cubic feet, should use about 11 gallons of water each wash cycle. During full loads, the best mini washing machines use around 4-gallons per cubic feet.

Are portable washers allowed in apartments?

Mini washing machines have so much flexibility and great benefits because of their portability and space-saving designs. However, not all apartment premises allow their tenants to use portable washing machines.

You need to look through your lease agreement and see whether they prohibit the use of them. If it isn’t clearly stated or you can’t fully understand the lease, consult your landlord. Even if your lease agreement doesn’t state anything about having one, it’s still a good idea to ask your landlord first to avoid having problems in the future.  

Things to Consider When Buying a Mini Washing Machine


Portable washers are small, and they can’t replace your traditional washer. However, if you just want to wash that medium to the small daily wash load, then they’re perfect for that.

Power Source

Some of the best mini washing machines can be programmed and plugged in just like a traditional washer, while others might need to be made operational manually. You need to know what will work best in the situation you’re in. Electric machines are usually slightly larger, which means they’ll eat up a lot of room in your apartment or RV.

Water Management

Like power sources, most portable washing machines need a lot of hands-on attention as far as the draining of water is concerned. While there many high-end machines that can be attached to the bathroom or kitchen sink faucets, for many of them, you’ll be required to fill a tub from time to time.

Benefits of Mini Washing Machines

mini washing machine benefits


These machines will let you enjoy the luxury of having a washing machine in your home, however small it may be. It’ll allow you to do laundry in the tightest of spaces. You can say goodbye to the Laundromat trips you had to make all the time.


If you’ve misplaced or lost something at the Laundromat or had your favorite top ruined by a service, a mini washing machine will give you control of how your laundry is done.


A mini washing machine has the added advantage of being easily moved around from your space. It means that it can be stored inconspicuously and safely when it isn’t being used. It’s something that can even be lent out to a family member or friend to help them do their laundry.

Cost Savings

No more laundry services or Laundromats. Mini washing machines will allow you to do your laundry in your RV, dorm, or tiny apartment inexpensively.


Minimize imbalances during spin and wash cycles by balancing your wash loads. Even the best portable washing machines will wear and tear faster if put through such.

Furthermore, always closely monitor your washing machine when filling it up. Know exactly how much you need to avoid flooding of the area because the drum is overflowing. Also, ensure to use detergent according to how much water you’re putting inside the washing machine. You’ll have a hard time removing detergent from the machine if you put too much of it.

If you’re someone that doesn’t have a lot of room to work with where you live, but you still want to do your dirty laundry in that confined space either way, then a mini washing machine is what you need in your life.

The COMFEE mini washing machine is one of the best there is out there and can comfortably fit in the tightest of spaces. That being said, both the BLACK+DECKER options are not too far behind. They’re also excellent portable washer options that can allow you to do your laundry in very tight spaces.

Now you have an idea why these machines have become so popular these days. These are just but a few of the best portable washing machines on the market. Why not get yours today?

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