How Many Clothes Do You Really Need?

wardrobe full of clothes

Having options is equivalent to having a lot more than you need. At times, it isn’t a beneficial prospect. Let us suppose you are late for a morning meeting, and you need to look professional. At that moment, having a messy and cluttered wardrobe to pick and choose from is going to be time-consuming. It … Read more

10 Ways to Declutter Your Kitchen In One Day

If you have no room to store your food and dishes, then you need this guide! This is how to declutter your kitchen in just an afternoon. Is your kitchen the heart of your home? If it is, it’s probably one of the first places to get cluttered up and messy. It’s where you eat, … Read more

10 Practical Tips to Help You Declutter Before Moving House

Inside: You’ll find simple tips to help you easily declutter before moving house.  Trying to pack up but amazed by all the clutter that you’ve somehow accumulated throughout your house? It’s really quite shocking how it all just starts to stack up, right? I’ve been there. I used to buy “stuff” just to buy it … Read more

4 Tips for Decluttering During Economic Uncertainty

A month ago, when the world was a different place, my husband put a new item in the ‘to be donated’ box. It’s a warm, thick and totally unfrayed Everlast zip-up jumper. I smiled and thought “that’ll keep someone who needs it warm next winter“.  My husband (Dave), hasn’t worn it in years. We needed … Read more

10 Amazing Benefits of Decluttering Your Home

Inside: Discover the benefits of decluttering your home and get motivated to take action! Clutter stinks. There…I’ve said it and I can’t take it back. And if you stop and take a look at your home, I think you might agree with me.  Why do we think that we really have to have all this … Read more

20+ Minimalist Gifts for Kids They’ll Absolutely Adore

At this time of year, many of us are looking for minimalist gifts for kids to keep the clutter at bay and help our kids be content with less. I’ve written about how we use the 4 gift rule/Want Need Wear Read in our family but I thought it would be helpful to take that … Read more

Minimalist Living 101: How to Get Started

Minimalist living is pretty trendy right now. All across the world, people are getting rid of excess possessions, moving into smaller homes, simplifying their lives and discovering the joy in the process of downsizing. But what if you’re interested in living a minimalist life, but don’t quite know where to start.  Fear not, my friend. … Read more

Want Need Wear Read: How the 4 Gift Rule Can Simplify Christmas

Want Need Wear Read: How the 4 gift rule can simplify your Christmas

The holiday season is always a challenge for those of us intent on downsizing and simplifying our lives. If you are a minimalist parent, or just don’t like the excess that surrounds this time of year, here is a simple concept that could make your holiday season a whole lot easier. Want Need Wear Read: … Read more

4 Downsides of Living in a Small Home (Yes, There’s Only 4!)

I love living small, don’t get me wrong, but I want this blog to be a place where we discuss downsizing from ALL angles. Plus, right now I’m in the thick of a major drawback of small house living (which we’ll get to soon), so the theme is something I’ve been ruminating on for a … Read more

Downsizing with a Family: Why We’re Downsizing with Kids

If you’re interested in downsizing with a family, this is the very first blog post I wrote about our decision to downsize. It originally appeared here. I wrote this while we were traveling in Spain in 2015, renting a small apartment and living like locals. We had just found out we (me) were pregnant and … Read more