What Is the Standard Window Height From Floor and Ceiling?

When you’re looking to install or upgrade windows in your home, it’s a good idea to learn some of the conventions and measurements that are typically used to size everything properly. One of the first things you’ll want to figure out is what is the standard window height from floor level to the ceiling.  A … Read more

Should Curtains Touch the Floor? Choosing The Right Length

Whether you’re hanging curtains in a nursery or your living room, the question of whether they should touch the floor can be an important one. You may have heard many opinions and may be left wondering what the best solution is for your specific home and your style. The most common and popular curtain length … Read more

8 Alternatives To Command Strips for Hanging Décor

Two people holding a framed piece of art in an article about alternatives to command strips for hanging decor

Command strips are a great invention for hanging small items, and they work really well. But what if you need to hang something heavier? What if you want something that doesn’t leave any residue on the walls? Luckily, there are many alternatives to command strips that can further help you to customize your decorating needs. 8 … Read more

What Does the Color of a Porch Light Mean?

Red lights on a front porch can be used to spread awareness about American Heart Month or to create a spooky atmosphere during Halloween. Blue porch lights are often used to spread awareness for autism or to show solidarity with police. A purple porch light could represent domestic violence awareness, while a green light can … Read more

What Does a Green Porch Light Mean?

If you live in the neighborhood, you will see porch lights in all different colors. For example, you may see red, yellow, blue, purple, and even green porch lights. Green is one of the most common porch light colors, so you may be wondering what this means. Green porch light meanings The meaning of a … Read more

10 Things You Need To Know About Wall Storage Systems

Storage under stairs

Using walls for storage space has many benefits. However, one of the main benefits is that you free up your floor space so that you can store other stuff as well. Wall storage also allows you to organize your items and belongings in an orderly fashion, making them look aesthetically appealing to the eye. Your … Read more

Decorating on a Budget: 9 Ways to Achieve a High-End Look for Less

Decorating your living space doesn’t have to be expensive. Small and simple changes can make a huge difference to your home. With some forethought and planning, you can have a gorgeous living space for less. Here are some of our top tips to have your home looking great without breaking the bank. 1. Embrace minimalism … Read more