15 Clutter-Free Ways to Display Kids Artwork

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Nothing is sweeter than seeing your child create a masterpiece, and handing it over to you so proud and accomplished!

My son draws me pictures all the time, and I just wish I could keep them ALL! It’s something I truly struggle with as a mom raising a family in a small home.

There just ain’t enough walls for my babies’ creations.

Below are a variety of ways to display your child’s amazing artwork in a fun, creative and clutter-free way! 

15 Ideas to Showcase Your Child’s Artwork

Kids Artwork Gallery | Image Credit: Oh My! Creative

1. Kids Artwork Gallery

This is a quick and simple way to display your kid’s artwork! Use cheap frames or used frames to add your kid’s art right into the frame.

I love that this gives your kids options to rotate the art on display, so it doesn’t pile up. Find old frames at yard sales or thrift stores and paint them up, to make them look like new! 

Clutter-Free Ways to Display Kids Artwork Content Image_Cabinet Door Display
Cabinet Door Display | Image Credit: I Heart Organizing

2. Cabinet Door Display

What a fun way to make a display to hang your child’s art!

They use a cabinet door, paint it up, attach a clip and you can easily display your art!

Even better if you have old cabinet doors laying around from a recent renovation project! 

Clutter-Free Ways to Display Kids Artwork Content Image_Rustic Wall Art
Rustic Wall Art | Image Credit: Playtivities

3. Rustic Wall Art

Here you will see they used an old piece of rustic, weathered wood to create a place to hang art.

It is so creative and perfect for that country chic style home! 

15 Clutter-Free Ways to Display Kids Artwork Content Image_Frame Art
Frame Art | Image Credit: Less-Than-Perfect Life of Bliss

4. Frame Art

Here you will see, they found really cheap frames, painted them to fit their style, and removed the glass and backing.

Then hung them on the wall, and placed a clip inside to hang the art! I love this idea! 

Large Art Frame | Image Credit: Alisha Carlson

5. Large Art Frame

Make this DIY large art frame to hang on the wall and display multiple pieces of artwork at once!

Great to place in your child’s room or even the living room! 

 Clutter-Free Ways to Display Kids Artwork Content Image_Framed 3D Art
Framed 3D Art | Image Credit: Crafts on Sea

6.Framed 3D Art

Have art that won’t fit in a frame, take out the glass part of the frame, and use it to display your child’s art like they did here. 

Yardstick and Clothespin via My Domestic Daybook

7. Yardstick Display

Simple but a really fun way to hang up your artwork.

Use a yardstick and clothespins, paint to your liking and hang it up and wait for the art to come in!

Clipboard Display | Image Credit: Oh So Savvy Mom

8. Clipboard Display

Grab some clipboards and create a fun way to display your kid’s artwork! I love how they created a wall to display their kid’s work!

Kid’s Art Banner | Image Credit: Beauty Through Imperfection

9. Kid’s Art Banner

Grab some string and clothespins and create this fun way to hang up your child’s masterpieces! 

 Clutter-Free Ways to Display Kids Artwork Content Image_Photographing Child's Artwork
Photographing Child’s Artwork| | Image Credit: Simple As That

10. Photographing Child’s Artwork

This is very unique, learn to take perfect pictures of your child’s artwork, and then create a collage print and use that to display your child’s art. I love this idea!

Kids Rotating Arts Display via Reallifenotes.com

11. IKEA Curtain Rods

If you live near an IKEA or you could even order online, get some curtain rods. This is a really clever way to display hanging art. 

15 Clutter-Free Ways to Display Kids Artwork Content Image_Art Gallery Wall
Art Gallery Wall| | Image Credit: Classy Clutter

12. Art Gallery Wall

Love this idea of creating a designated wall to hang artwork, and the quote decal above is perfect!

15 Clutter-Free Ways to Display Kids Artwork Content Image_Fridge Display
Fridge Display| Image Credit: How Does She

13. Fridge Display

Love displaying things on your fridge, try this makeover to really focus on the art!

15 Clutter-Free Ways to Display Kids Artwork Content Image_Artwork Ledge
Artwork Ledge | Image Credit: Ana White

14. Artwork Ledge

She created a ledge to place artwork on a dime! This is a fabulous way to really make the art stand out!  

Corkboard Display | Image Credit: Simply Organized

15. Corkboard Display

This is a great idea if you have multiple children! Each child gets a board, and you can add an initial just like they did here, so they know which board is theirs!

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  1. Hi Emma! I appreciate all the display ideas, to keep the spaces clutter free. My daughter, 2 grandbabies, and I all live in about 600 sq. feet. It is tiny!! But they love to create! And I love to see their ideas!


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