10 Amazing Benefits of Decluttering Your Home

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Inside: Discover the benefits of decluttering your home and get motivated to take action!

Clutter stinks. There…I’ve said it and I can’t take it back. And if you stop and take a look at your home, I think you might agree with me. 

Why do we think that we really have to have all this STUFF?

Why do we feel like our walls have to be lined with things that have no value or meaning?

It’s a vicious cycle that we’ve all gotten caught in and the majority of people struggle to find their way out. 

Trust me, y’all. I was right there with you and sometimes, still feel that way.

Nothing can throw me into a tailwind faster than the stress and anxiety that clutter can bring.

This is why I have to declutter almost on a daily basis.

Now, this doesn’t mean that I go around our tiny house and throw away things or donate things on the daily, but it does mean that I see our home with new eyes every single day.

I have to, or I feel like I might go mad. 

If you’re worried about your mental health with it comes to clutter, this is where decluttering can really be beneficial and simple to do.

Clearing space in your home and mind is something that everyone can easily achieve.

10 Benefits of Decluttering That Will Clear Your Home and Your Mind!

Decluttering your home is so much more than just getting rid of junk.

Every time you take pride in your home and remove something that doesn’t belong, you’re clearing up a little space in your mind as well. 

1. Decluttering can bring you joy

Okay, I’m not saying I’m Marie Kondo or anything here, but I do think that there’s a correlation between clutter and stress.

If you enter a cluttered room and get anxious, there’s your biggest clue.

Removing junk from your home removes the junk from your brain. Simple as that. 

2. Clearing out your cabinets can clear out your stress

Are you tired of having everything in your cabinets fall out and hit you on the head?

Why not do something about it?

Take away the stress and the worry and clean out those cabinets.

There’s no need to shove all those containers in there in the first place! 

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3. Decluttering makes you feel accomplished

This is the best. If you can chip away at the clutter in your home, you’ll feel as though you’re moving mountains. (and honestly, maybe you are!). 

Every day, do something in your home and you just might notice that your confidence in your abilities soars!

Here are some quick decluttering ideas you get you started.

4. Cutting out the stress makes for a better family life

Do you feel that you’re constantly yelling at your kids or spouse?

It just might be because of all the clutter in your home.

A cluttered room makes everyone stressed out and anxious and typically what happens then is that you lash out at those that you love.

Use your brainpower for good and don’t let the stresses of your home affect your home life as well. 

5. Tossing out the excess is addictive

I don’t know what it is about decluttering, but once you start you aren’t going to want to stop.

And as long as you’re decluttering your home in a respectful way to your family and their belongings as well then this isn’t an addiction that you need to worry about or seek treatment for. 

6. Decluttering allows you to start fresh

Sometimes, we feel as though we’re being held hostage by all the crap.

The only way to beat it is to start over and get rid of it. This is true for so many people.

If you can clean out all the excess, you’ll clear up a thought process in your mind that will then allow you to start over on a fresh, decluttered mind frame. 

7. Dumping the excess will help you appreciate what you have

How many times have you discovered things in your house that you didn’t even know that you owned?

This means that you have too much stuff. Plain and simple. 

It also means that you probably don’t appreciate everything that you have as well.

Take a step back, get rid of it all, and appreciate what you have left.

As soon as you simplify your life, you’re going to realize that you didn’t need all those extra things in the first place.

8. Decluttering helps your brain relax

Do you feel as though you’re not getting enough sleep at night and always have the state of your house on your brain?

This is the clutter taking over your brain.

You need your sleep and you need to be able to relax.

In order for this to happen, you have to clear out the room in your home so that you can breathe a bit and relax.

Once you do this, your brain will follow suit and relax at night more as well.  

9. Removing the clutter helps your home become cleaner instantly

Even if you don’t realize that your home is dirty, it is.

Clutter does nothing but hold dirt and is a perfect hiding space for it as well.

Get rid of objects and surfaces that the dirt can settle and grow on and you’ll notice that you see a big difference in the air quality of your home, too. 

One of the main benefits of decluttering is it will help your home become a cleaner place almost overnight.

And if that doesn’t bring you peace of mind, I don’t know what else will! 

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10. Decluttering takes away the worry of finances

I don’t know about you, but I’m a penny pincher.

I like to save money when I can and I really dislike overspending.

Decluttering not only allowed me to sell a few things and make some good money but it also saves me money because I don’t have the urge to just go out and buy something that I don’t need.

It gives me peace of mind on the financial front! 

Now that you know the importance of taking the first steps to declutter your home and mind, it’s time to make that move.

The first few steps will be the hardest but they get easier each and every time! 

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Do you have any tips for someone who is struggling with the decluttering process? 

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  1. Absolutely agree about the correlation between clutter and stress! I can not be productive in my house when I see clutter and mess around me. Drives me nuts! Great tips. 😊


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