47 Items to Declutter Without Guilt

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Decluttering tips are everywhere! I’m obsessed with reading about decluttering and ideas for clearing the clutter once and for all.

But you know what? Sometimes I’m guilty of reading about decluttering instead of actually doing the decluttering.

Although I wish I could just sit down one day and declutter my house in one go, the reality of living in a small home with kids is that I work in fits and bursts.

I’m also a big fan of quick wins, so finding things to get rid of as I’m doing my regular #momlife keeps me inspired to try harder and keep going (because downsizing and decluttering is a journey, not a destination).

Below is a list of some items that I’ve been able to get rid of with zero impact on my life. In other words, it was all just clutter-causing junk! (Go here for quick decluttering ideas)

Clear the clutter! 47 Things to Get Rid of Right Now.

      1. Shoes that are too small
      2. Takeaway food containers
      3. Paperwork older than 7 years
      4. Old birthday cards
      5. Individual photo frames – collage style frames take up much less space
      6. Broken toys
      7. Multiple sets of playing cards
      8. DVD’s you’ll never watch again
      9. Books you’ll never read again
      10. Out of date prescription medication
      11. Old towels and bedding – your local animal shelter will be grateful for these
      12. Craft supplies
      13. Old ribbons and recycled gift wrap
      14. Damaged or ripped clothing you haven’t mended yet (if you loved the item you would have fixed it right away).
      15. Old cell/mobile phones
      16. Phone Books – Yellow Pages etc
      17. Perfumes and lotions you no longer wear
      18. Cords and cables from old equipment
      19. Multiple phone chargers
      20. Competition entry forms
      21. Socks without a partner
      22. Storage containers with missing lids
      23. Unused flower vases
      24. Baby gear you didn’t use the first time – I’m looking at you, bottle warmer!
      25. All the notebooks you don’t use – all you need is one great notebook like a Moleskine or Leuchtturm.
      26. Dried up makeup
      27. Tatty hair brushes
      28. Old makeup brushes
      29. Nail polish you don’t wear.
      30. Perfume you don’t like the scent of (even if it was a gift)
      31. Paper manuals you can now access online
      32. Old college or university assignments and paperwork
      33. Artwork you’ve never framed
      34. Newsletters you’ve read
      35. Receipts  – ideas on what to do with those here: 12 Tips for Reducing Paper Clutter in Your Home
      36. Coffee mugs you don’t use
      37. Excessive cutlery
      38. Pens that have dried up
      39. Anything you have multiples of – like sticky tape, and bobby pins.
      40. Unsubscribe from sales emails of products you’ve bought and don’t plan to buy again
      41. Cookbooks you’ve never opened
      42. Plastic bags
      43. Old boarding passes and ticket stubs
      44. Expired personal care products – especially sunscreen
      45. Product catalogues and brochures
      46. Old cardboard boxes
      47. Dried up house paint

A quick word on donating and recycling:

I hate the idea of any of these items ending up in the landfill and there is no reason they have to.

I totally understand the temptation to just put things in the bin so they are out of sight, but donating what you can to people and organizations in need is one of the privileges of our blessed life.

Please do the right thing. Check out this post for more tips on reducing waste in your life.

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Things to declutter - this list of items to get rid of will help you to clear the clutter in your home.

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  1. This list is sooooo right on and very helpful ! Thank you ! I’m convinced that when you made this list, you were looking at my closet, drawers and file cabinet! ?

  2. I am only guilty of #21. However, those mateless socks are what I use for dusting. I have a small plastic basket around 6 x 10 where I deposit clean, single socks. When I dust I put one on each hand, spritz with dusting spray, and wipe away. When done, in the trash they go. It cuts dusting time tremendously and even the kids like to do it.

    • That’s a clever trick, Kathy! I think I’m going to steal that one off of you as I know my 5yo loves any excuse to have socks on his hands 🙂

  3. Nice post Emma. I’m moving soon and am looking forward to getting rid of heaps of stuff!

    Love the website redesign by the way, looks very clean and sleek.

  4. Thank you! I am reading this while waiting for my mom who’s shopping and I am getting rid the 47 things back home. Or somewhat. :p


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