You Can Clean Your Shower With a Dishwasher Tab

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Yesterday, my husband told me he’d heard about a cleaning hack involving a shower and a dishwasher tab. 


Turns out he’d read it here: Are dishwasher tabs the answer to this bathroom cleaning nightmare?

The story goes that a brave woman heard about a cleaning hack where you rub a wet dishwasher tab over your revolting, baked-on-grime covered oven door and the filth disappears like magic.

She reasoned the same would work on glass showers.

It did!

She simply dipped a Finish PowerBall tab in cold water – cold so it doesn’t dissolve too quickly – and using circular motions, rubbed it over the panes of shower glass removing the soap scum and other scum.

Then rinse and voila! Clean shower, very little effort.

Now, we don’t have a shower, so my husband wanted to fill our bathtub to the rim and leave 2 dishwasher tabs in it while we ran errands.

This seemed a ridiculous waste of water to me but I left him to it. A smart woman would never stop a man in the midst of cleaning hackery.

After we got home from the repugnant delightful task of taking our boys to do the groceries, my husband emptied the tub, gave it a quick wipe and it was most definitely the cleanest it’s ever been. 

I’m not showing you a photo of my tub because I forgot to take one before my kids got in it after playing in the mud. Now the lovely white tub has a faint brown ring around it.

That doesn’t detract from the tip though – it works on showers, and bathtubs too (next time I’ll tell hubby to try rubbing it on directly). 

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