What Does the Color of a Porch Light Mean?

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Red lights on a front porch can be used to spread awareness about American Heart Month or to create a spooky atmosphere during Halloween.

Blue porch lights are often used to spread awareness for autism or to show solidarity with police.

A purple porch light could represent domestic violence awareness, while a green light can be used to show solidarity with veterans.

There are many different meanings that could be imbued in various porch light colors.

In this article, we’ll take a look at how porch lights can be used to spread awareness for causes, what the different porch light colors mean, and how you can maintain your front porch light.

The Meaning Behind Porch Light Colors

Unless it’s nighttime, the color of someone’s porch light may not be something you pay much attention to at first.

When the sun sets, however, a porch light – or, more specifically, a colored porch light – could do more than illuminate your front porch, it could spread awareness for a cause.

Traditionally, your standard porch lights emit a pale-yellow light.

Porch lights have many functions. For one, they illuminate your porch, which can be handy for guests at night or to let you to clearly see who is approaching through a peephole or window.

Porch lights can even help ward off burglars as it increases their visibility.

However, recently people have begun variating the color of their porch lights.

Next time you’re driving home in the evening, take a look around you.

Do you notice differently colored porch lights?

In this day and age, you’re likely to see a rainbow of colored porch lights, from blue to pink and everything in between.

However, your porch light can do even more than this!

That is because colors are one of the most effective tools for communication.

Different colors can evoke different feelings or emotions.

Similarly, when you change the color of your porch light, you can evoke a certain feeling and even spread awareness for certain causes.

For example, if you’re wondering what a blue light on a porch means, it could be to spread awareness for Autism.

If you see a red light outside a house, likely on the front porch, then it could be advocating for heart health awareness.

However, there could be more explanations for these color porch lights!

If you’ve wondered about porch light color meanings before, you were definitely onto something!

When it comes down to colored porch lights, there are a variety of colors that are readily available for homeowners to purchase and install.

However, given the different meanings imbued in the different colored porch lights, you might want to know more about these meanings when making your decision.

Lucky, that’s where we come in to help. Keep reading as we break down the meanings of different color porch lights.

Colored Porch Light Meanings

If you want to use the color of your porch light to support a cause, understanding the meanings behind different porch light colors is essential.

Keep reading as we break down everything you need to know about the various meanings behind different porch light colors!

Red Porch Light Meaning

Here are the different possible meanings associated with red-colored porch lights!

#1 It’s for American Heart Month

Every year across America, from coast to coast, the country goes red in support of American Heart Month, which falls in February.

Of course, this initiative seeks to spread both support and awareness about this important issue.

This includes red-colored porch lights lit up across the country throughout American Heart Month.

If you or someone you loved has ever struggled with heart disease, then you know how important this cause is.

If you’d like to spread more awareness for this cause, you could do it by simply changing the color of your porch light.

#2 It’s There for the Love or Spook Factor

If you see a red front porch light during February, it could be for American Heart Month, or it could be for Valentine’s Day.

February is the month of love, and a red porch light could represent this! After all, Valentine’s day is all about red, from red hearts to red roses – maybe even a porch light.

If you notice a red porch light during the month of October, the red light could have a spookier meaning!

Many people love decorating their homes for Halloween – and what better way to set the mood than by turning the porch light red.

Orange Porch Light Meaning

Here are the different possible meanings associated with orange-colored porch lights!

#1 It’s Used to Create a Welcoming Atmosphere

It’s well known that an orange light can create a welcoming, friendly atmosphere.

This makes it the perfect color for a front porch light.

The color orange has been known to represent the earth and its changing seasons.

If you want a homely, earthly atmosphere when sitting on your front porch at night, orange could be the perfect color!

#2 It’s Used to Represent Justice

In 2017, tragic news rocked the United States when two girls were murdered in Delphi.

In order to show support and solidarity towards the families of the victims, citizens utilized orange porch lights.

In this way, an orange porch light has come to be a symbol of justice.

Citizens across the United States lit up orange porch lights to shed light on the crime until the murders were solved.

Yellow Porch Light Meaning

Here are the different possible meanings associated with yellow-colored porch lights!

#1 It’s a Basic Yellow Porch Light

As mentioned earlier, your typical porch light will emit a pale-yellow hue.

If you see a home with a yellow porch light, it could be a sign that the homeowners aren’t aware that porch lights can support causes.

You could always tell them about what you’ve learned or send them a link to this article!

#2 It’s a Warm Yellow to Represent the Sun

If you notice a yellow porch light with a warmer hue, it could be used to promote optimism.

The color provided by a warm yellow-colored porch light can provide you with a burst of placebo sunshine.

For those who live in countries with colder climates where the sun sets early, this is a great way to brighten your day and your front porch.

Green Porch Light Meaning

Here are the different possible meanings associated with green-colored porch lights!

#1 It’s for St. Patrick’s Day

If you spot a few green porch lights during March, the color could represent St. Patrick’s Day.

This Irish holiday, which is celebrated by many people across the world, observes the death of the patron saint of Ireland, who the day is named for.

The color green is commonly associated with St. Patrick’s Day.

The reason for this is actually due to an old superstition that wearing green would make you invisible to leprechauns.

If you’re worried about leprechauns, you may want to turn that porch light green!

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#2 It’s to Celebrate Veterans Day

If you notice a green porch light on during November, it is likely to spread awareness for Veteran’s Day.

This holiday, which honors US veterans, falls on the 11th of November every year.

To show solidarity with the veterans, many homeowners switch to green porch lights during this month.

#3 It’s to Spread Awareness About Lyme Disease

If you see green porch lights during the month of May, the green represents Lyme Disease Awareness.

This is especially common in the United States and Britain.

Lyme disease can often be difficult to detect, as was the case with Canadian pop star Avril Lavigne.

By displaying your green porch light during May, you can help spread awareness about this disease.

Blue Porch Light Meaning

Here are the different possible meanings associated with blue-colored porch lights!

#1 It’s for Autism Awareness

The CDC has estimated that roughly 1% of the world’s population falls somewhere on the autism spectrum disorder.

The use of the color blue to spread awareness for autism dates back to a 2007 UN General Assembly.

If you notice blue porch lights during April, it is most likely to spread awareness about this cause.

#2 It’s for Police Solidarity

Blue has commonly been a color associated with the police.

If you notice houses in your neighborhood with blue porch lights when it’s not April, it could be to show solidarity for the police officers in your town or city.

If you want to show your support for the police, then a blue porch light could be just the way to do it!

Purple Porch Light Meaning

Here are the different possible meanings associated with purple-colored porch lights!

#1 It’s to Spread Awareness About Domestic Violence

If you notice a purple porch light on during the month of October, it’s likely to spread awareness about domestic abuse.

Today, domestic abuse is still a taboo topic for many.

By shining a purple light during October, you can show your solidarity with the victims and survivors of domestic violence and spread much-needed awareness for the cause.

Pink Porch Light Meaning

Here are the different possible meanings associated with pink-colored porch lights!

#1 It’s Used to for Its Calming Effect

For those familiar with the psychology behind colors, pink is known for its calming effect.

If you want to evoke a peaceful, calm atmosphere on your front porch, switching to a pink-colored porch light could be just the way to do that!

#2 It’s Used for Breast Cancer Awareness

If you notice a pink porch light during the month of October, it could be showing support for those who have been affected by breast cancer.

In October 2017, Elvis Presley’s Graceland estate lit up in pink lights to spread awareness about breast cancer.

By switching to a pink porch light, you could help spread awareness about this important issue.

After all, early detection is often key when it comes to breast cancer. By spreading awareness for this cause, you could save a life!

White Porch Light Meaning

Here are the different possible meanings associated with white-colored porch lights!

#1 It’s Used to Represent Natural Light

As a color, white is commonly associated with cleanliness and pureness.

Similar to warm yellow porch lights, which we discussed above, a white-colored porch light can be used to truly light up your front porch and provide a warming feeling.

In fact, when it comes down to porch light colors, white is a pretty common choice these days.

Switching to a white porch light can be a simple yet effective way to liven up your porch.

Blinking Porch Light Meaning

Here are the different possible meanings associated with a porch light that’s flashing or blinking!

#1 Your Neighbor Has an Emergency

If you notice your neighbor’s porch light flashing, this is likely used to signal that there is an emergency.

If this is the case, you may want to check in on your neighbor.

Likewise, if you ever find yourself in an emergency and in need of help, letting your porch light flash is a great way to signal for help.

Furthermore, a flashing porch light can even be used to help emergency services – such as police officers, an ambulance, or firefighters – find the right house.

This can help save precious time when it matters most!

#2 It’s Being Used for Effect

When people decorate their homes for holidays like Halloween or Christmas, many homeowners like to incorporate flashing lights to increase the mood or ambiance.

Using a flickering porch light to evoke a certain mood is a great, cost-effective way to decorate the front of your home during these holidays.

How to Clean Your Porch Light

As we discussed above, porch lights can be a great way to evoke a certain mood or even spread awareness for a cause near and dear to your heart.

In order to avoid your intended message getting dimmed due to a dirty porch light, we’ll tell you how to clean your porch light in five easy steps.

This will keep your porch light shining bright!

Step #1: Turn Off the Power

When cleaning or working with your lights, it’s essential to cut the power supply before doing this.

This prevents possible safety hazards.

Step #2: Remove the Porch Light’s Fixture and Bulb

You may need a screwdriver to do this.

Before you clean your porch light, carefully disassemble the light’s fixture and bulb.

This will make cleaning them a lot easier for you!

Step #3: Clean the Porch Light Fixture

Using a mixture of water and dishwashing liquid, gently clean the exterior and interior of your porch light’s fixture.

Be sure to dry this properly once you’re done cleaning it.

Step #4: Dust the Light Bulb

Using a dry cloth, you should dust your porch light bulb.

This will ensure that it shines as bright as possible to truly evoke the mood you’re after or spread awareness for a cause of your choice.

Step #5: Reattach the Porch Light Fixture

Once you’ve cleaned the porch light’s fixture and dusted the bulb, as outlined above, you can reassemble your porch light.

You can now rest assured that your porch light is beaming as bright as possible.

You can repeat these steps whenever it’s necessary.


In this article, we looked at the various meanings imbued in the colors of a porch light.

From your standard yellow porch light to purple, pink, red, blue, green, orange, or even white porch lights, we broke down everything you need to know about the meanings behind these different colors.

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