Hidden Desk Beds – Are They Worth Your Time?

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Hidden des beds pros and cons

Hidden desk beds have long been a way to maximize the amount of space you have, especially when living out of a tiny apartment.

However, lately, they’ve been staging a comeback. 

Lots of people still wonder how comfortable they are, how much they cost, and whether they are really worth the investment? 

In the following article, we’re going to take a look at everything you need to know about hidden desk beds and why they make a great investment.

The popularity of multifunctional furniture

As the name suggests, multifunctional furniture can be folded into a position or shape in order to save space. Due to the fast-paced urbanization as well as the Industrial Revolution, people have been flocking to cities for decades. 

Most city-dwellers preferred to be in the midst of the action for various reasons, and this resulted in the growth of apartment or small space living. Multifunctional furniture includes beds, tables, and chairs as well.

Combinations of the mobile, portable, lightweight, and easily storable qualities have created an attraction among the general population.

Typically, a bed is only used for a short time or a couple of hours at a time. However, it does take up a large amount of space during the day.

So a bed that can fold up in the wall and reveals an available shelf can save much space. More open space available means more space to work with inside your home. Therefore, it becomes a space saver but a timesaver and ultimately creates better living conditions.

Today multifunctional chairs such as those required for a picnic and outdoor events or family gatherings are very much sought after. They are great space savers for apartments as well as small houses.  

Hidden desk beds pros and cons

desk bed assemble


  • These beds are perfect for tiny apartments, bedrooms, or any part of the home that you have a limited amount of space. This is because they free up space during the day while the bed is not in use. And since the beds can be folded out when they need to be and closed when not in use, they create the illusion of a large and bright bedroom. They also are a popular option with tiny homes and campers. Hidden desk beds can be used as a home office during the day and then converts to a bed at night.
  • The modern versions of these beds include storage shelves usually placed on each side of the bed, and some models offer even more. So ultimately, they are multifunctional pieces of furniture.
  • Lots of people love these beds simply because when folded away, they provide an aesthetic appeal to your bedroom and influence how comfortable you feel while being inside the room. When folded up, they create space to decorate because you can place picture frames, decorative items, etc., on the desk. Ultimately, by simply adding a few decorative elements and lighting, you can make the hidden desk bed look even more pleasing to the eye.
  • Hidden desk beds are also perfect for guest bedrooms. If you have family members or friends over and they need overnight accommodation, having a room that is not overly cluttered with furniture is absolutely crucial to the comfort of your guests. Ultimately, the versatility of these hidden desk beds is what attracts people. When folded away during the day, they free up space and yet still provide a comfortable bed for guests at night. 


  • Hidden beds can prove to be challenging when folding out and putting away. While not all, but some of these beds can tend to be quite bulky and challenging to fold and unfold. They are now designed to be easier for the user to fold them up and out when needed; however, it might still be difficult in some cases. It’s not recommended for elderly people to open and close these beds. Handles are typically located at the top of the bed, and elderly people may experience joint pain when reaching up and pulling the bed down. Unfolding the bed can also be quite challenging for pregnant women. Children as well should not open or close the bed as they may not be able to ensure that it’s completely unfolded, and this could cause safety issues.
  • The rearrangement of furniture may be required in the day. You may want to use the space that’s created by folding up your desk for another purpose in the day. These benefit from some extra space but also require you to rearrange it afterward. So it may become quite a tedious and routine task keep rearranging the area in order to pull out the bed when you want to get some quality sleep.
  • Your bedsheets may also become disorganized. They can cause your bed sheets and pillows to become messy. Pillows can easily lose their shape when left inside the bed while it is folded up. In order to avoid this, some of these beds have a special space for storage. However, you still need to put your bed sheets and blankets every night and then put them away in the morning. This can tend to become cumbersome.
  • It is a possibility that these beds may not last as long as normal beds since they need to be pulled out and put away quite often. On average, these beds tend to have a lifespan of 13 years. However, those that only use it for the occasional guest can see their bed lasting up to 20 years or more. Ultimately, it all depends on how you fold and unfold these beds. However, on average, you can expect beds to last between 15 to 16 years, while regular beds can last much younger.
  • These beds may possibly cause a safety hazard if they are not installed correctly. It’s not unheard of for defective hidden desk beds to snap up while you’re sleeping on them because they haven’t been pulled down correctly. However, they need to be installed correctly and also used in a proper manner. 
  • They are also relatively expensive compared to standard beds. They can cost anywhere between $1,500 – $2,000 and tend to be more expensive as the size of the bed increases. There could also be extra fees for installation, which is an essential step that you should never skip to save a buck.

How much space does a hidden desk bed save?

small apartment with hidden desk bed

Depending on the size of your desk bed, when folded up, it could save approximately two m² of space, give or take.

This is enough space for you to place a hammock, swinging chair, café tables, and chairs, or simply place a large rug on the floor and turn it into your own personal sanctuary where you can meditate, do yoga, etc.

Ultimately, any space that is saved is valuable as compared to placing a standard bed in your room because, in that case, you will never be able to make use of the space.

Why are they perfect for a small house?

Hidden desk beds are perfect for tiny apartments or small houses because of the space-saving qualities.

These beds can be folded away during the day to resemble a workstation, student’s desk, or home office while freeing up space inside your room. Ultimately, there’s nothing more appealing than walking to a room that does not feel cluttered or lacking in space.


Hidden desk beds are one of the best ways to make the most of limited space in a small apartment or small house.

It’s also a great way to pull out additional sleeping space when you have family and friends over. So while they do cost more than your standard beds, the versatility and space-saving qualities that these beds allow you are well worth the investment.

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