10 Outdoor Storage Sheds That Are Perfect for Small Gardens

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If you just need a little extra storage, using an specially designed outdoor storage locker is a great way to keep your stuff protected from the elements but out of the way.

The best outdoor storage sheds for sale offer the perfect solution for storing away your gardening tools, lawn mower, kid’s outdoor toys and any other items that you simply don’t have room for in the house or garage.

As to what are the best storage sheds to buy really depends on the size of your yard and what you want to store.

If you’re looking for a storage shed and need help working out which are the best garden sheds for sale, then you’re in the right place because this is a complete and comprehensive guide on the various utility sheds for sale.

In this best storage sheds review guide I am not only going to take you through the various garden storage units available, but I will help you choose the best shed for storage for you.

Regardless of your situation, I have no doubt you will find the ultimate outside storage shed perfect for you in this guide.

Comparison Chart of the Best Outdoor Storage Sheds for Sale

Don’t have time to read the entire best backyard storage shed reviews? Below is a table listing out the various yard storage sheds I review below. You can quickly see the different garden storage sheds for sale and compare their features side by side.

NameMaterialsDimensions (inches)FeaturesRating
Suncast BMS4900D GlidetopResin80 w x 52 d x 80 hWater resistant,
Suncast BMS6810D EverettResin98 w x 75 d x 93 hSkylight
Water Resistant
Rubbermaid Outdoor Storage BoxHeavy Duty Plastic60 w x 32 d x 47 hCan add shelving
Keter Factor Large 4 x 6Resin51 w x 76 d x 78 hLockable
Shelving brackets
10 year warranty
Water Resistant
Keter Factor 6 x 3Resin70 w x 45 d x 82 hLockable
Shelving brackets
10 year warranty
Water Resistant
Arrow Hamlet Steel Storage ShedSteel95 w x 66 d x 63 h12 year warranty3.6
Kdgarden Heavy Duty Canopy Storage ShelterPolyethylene10 foot w x 10 foot d x 8 foot hWater Resistant
Leisure Zone Outdoor Wooden Garden Shed LockerWood25 w x 18 d x 62 hShelving
Folding Work Station
YardStash IVVinyl / Tarpaulin74 w x 32 d x 68 hPortable4.4
YardStash Outdoor Deck Storage BoxVinyl / Tarpaulin60 w x 25 d x 28 hWeatherproof4.4

For more information about these home storage sheds keep reading the reviews below.

What to Consider when looking for the Best Storage Sheds to Buy?

Consider the following factors before you rush out and buy a garden storage shed.

What do you want to store?

The most popular items to store in an outdoor garden storage shed are things like the lawn mower, gardening tools, sporting equipment, DIY and home improvements items. Whatever it you want to store in your outdoor garden shed, before you rush off and purchase one, make a list of what you want to store and be realistic on just how much there is.

What Size?

Once you have an idea of what you want to store in your outdoor utility shed you can consider what the ideal size is.

Good quality garden sheds come in a range of sizes from small outdoor storage units, to large garden sheds and every shape and size in between.

Of course, it is not just what you want to store in your utility storage shed that’s important, but also the size available in your yard.

Take a measuring tape, pen and paper out to the space you have in mind and write down the maximum space available to ensure any potential storage shed you purchase will adequately fit.

Keep in mind that you will need additional space to open doors.

What’s it made from?

It is super important to consider what your storage shed is made of to ensure it is long-lasting.

Some materials do better in certain weather types than others as well as have better rust protection.

Here is a quick overview of the more popular material storage sheds are constructed from:

Plastic/Resin: Many storage sheds these days are constructed from heavy-duty plastic such as resin. Plastic storage sheds are a relatively cheap option, easy to assemble, lightweight and moisture resistant.

The downside to plastic outdoor storage sheds is that plastic is not well insulated, so the interior will heat up quite a lot and in particularly hot climates a plastic outdoor shed may crack.

Metal: A sturdy and long lasting material often found in sheds which are made from steel or aluminium. Metal storage sheds are super durable and likely to last for many years.

Metal garden sheds do tend to be more expensive though and can be prone to rust if not sealed correctly.

Wood: Available in a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes wood can be used to make garden sheds and storage.

Wooden garden sheds are sturdy and durable however it is not resistant to moisture and can crack, bow or break if exposed.

Vinyl / Fabric: Ideal for small, cheap and portable outdoor storage. Vinyl storage sheds are not suitable for long term storage as they are likely to leak and doesn’t provide much security for your items.


To provide the ultimate protection for the items that you store in the shed, you may want to consider a shed with a few features. Features include:

Lockable: If you want to ensure your items are well protected in your outdoor storage shed look for a shed that has lockable doors or lids.

Ventilation: Larger sheds often have windows or vents which provide ventilation. This is necessary if you want to be able to comfortably go inside your outdoor shed without it being too hot inside.

Skylight: Again, usually a feature of large shed kits, skylights are great so that you can see whilst inside your shed without the need of adding a light or using a torch.

Portable: If you’re not sure how long you will be at your current residence, you may like to purchase a shed that you can easily disassemble or opt for one of the vinyl sheds for sale which can easily be moved around.

Shelving: Having a shed that comes with shelving or the ability to add shelving is super handy to keep your items organised.


Let’s face it you don’t want an eyesore in your backyard, you want an outdoor shed that looks like its meant to be there, an extension of your home.

Well, you’re in luck, because these days there are some pretty cool garden sheds available. In these reviews, I’ve covered some of the best-looking sheds available.

The best outdoor storage sheds will help you turn your chaos into calm

How easy it is to assemble?

Many of the larger sheds in these reviews will require some preparation work in setting up a foundation for your shed.

A good level foundation will protect your shed and your items inside from the elements and help prevent moisture from getting inside. Some sheds don’t come with flooring, so in some cases, a good foundation also doubles as the floor.

There a variety of foundation options from compact dirt, gravel, wooden deck or a cement slab.

Consider whether a foundation is required for the outdoor storage shed you are considering and the type of foundation you are to build.

Once you have a foundation (if necessary) you can then assemble your storage shed.

Some storage sheds you can easily set up in an afternoon yourself, whilst others may require a professional’s assistance. Keep this in mind when deciding which outdoor storage shed to purchase.

How much do you want to spend?

Are you looking for the best rated storage sheds that are top of the range or will one of the cheap garden sheds do the job?

Backyard storage sheds for sale can be as cheap or as expensive as you like. However quality storage sheds aren’t necessarily expensive, but the price will be greatly impacted by the durability and quality of the storage shed you choose so it’s good to have a budget in mind first.

Building Codes / Zoning

If you are looking at purchasing a larger outdoor storage shed, you will need to consider any local building code regulations or zoning regulations.

This can differ greatly from country to country and even city to city, so be sure to check this out where you live before putting the Taj Mahal of storage sheds in your backyard.

The Best Storage Sheds Review

Best Outdoor Storage Cabinet: Suncast BMS4900D Glidetop Slide Lid Shed

Suncast have a great reputation for making high-quality outdoor storage solutions, so there is no surprise that I feature two of them in these Amazon storage sheds reviews.

This particular Suncast storage unit, is a small to mid-size storage shed, perfect for keeping your gardening tools both secure and organized.

Made from double wall resin, this outdoor storage cabinet is designed for all weather types and is water resistant and offers UV protection.

The sliding lid makes it perfect for walk-in access, whilst the double front doors make it easy to access items quickly.

Both the lids and the doors are lockable keeping your items nice and secure. This resin outdoor storage shed is big enough to store a range of items such as sporting equipment, lawn mower and a variety of other items.

If you’re looking for outdoor storage cabinets that are easy to assemble, you’ll love this Suncast unit.

Its assembled with minimal tools and is also easy to clean and maintain. However, some site preparation and a foundation are required.

Reading various top rated storage sheds reviews, customers are reporting they assembled the unit with ease in around 1 to 2 hours.

At 80 x 58 x 52 inches, this is a mid-size outdoor storage cupboard perfect for storing the lawn mower and gardening equipment and will look stylish in any backyard.

Click to read more reviews and check the price here

Best Large Plastic Shed: Suncast BMS6810D Everett Storage Shed 6 x 8

The second Suncast storage shed in these reviews and also the largest is the Suncast Everett Storage Shed. This storage shed is perfect for those with plenty of gardening equipment to store, a ride on mower or lots of sporting equipment.

Like the Glidetop, the Everett is made from durable double-wall resin, and is designed for all weather types, is water resistant and offers UV protection. If you live in a climate that gets heavy snow during the winter, you will love the metal reinforced shingle style roof panels on this large plastic shed, which are designed to withstand heavy snow.

The floors of this resin garden shed are constructed from reinforced floors, so you can store heavy items without concern. You’ll also love the lockable double doors to keep your items secure and the skylight and door windows which provide natural light.

Despite being a large outdoor storage shed, this shed is reasonably easy to assemble, with most customers reporting assembly took around 2-3 hours. This best resin shed is assembled with minimal tools and is also easy to clean and maintain. However, some site preparation and a foundation is required.

If you’re after one of the best resin storage sheds that will keep your backyard nice and tidy, the Everett storage shed is a great choice.

Best Small Outdoor Storage Box: Rubbermaid Outdoor Storage Box

If you’re in the market for one of the best small storage sheds or a small outdoor storage box, then you will love this Rubbermaid Outdoor Storage Box.

This resin, double walled Rubbermaid storage box is leak-resistant, dent-resistant and weather-resistant which will ensure it provides long-lasting use.

This best small shed has a heavy-duty durable floor mat and although not sold with a lock, the box is lockable for added security.

Access to the 32 cubic foot storage area is either by a liftable, hinged lid, from the top or front double doors. The small storage box can also accommodate a shelf, although not included.

The storage box comes in 7 large lightweight pieces which are reasonably easy to assemble. You may need to use a rubber mallet to tap the sides into place to ensure a snug fit and may require 2 people.

If you have tools, outdoor toys, patio cushions, gardening equipment, pet items, and the like, this could be the box for you. Coming in an olive/tan colour combination, it is priced in the higher end of the mid-price range market.

Click here to read more reviews and check the price

Best Tall Garden Storage Shed: Keter Factor Large 4 x 6

If you’re looking for a tall garden storage cabinet for narrow spaces, the Keter Factor Large 4 x 6-foot resin tall outdoor storage shed could be for you.

This shed is eco-friendly, made from recyclable polypropylene resin plastic featuring a wood grain texture and steel reinforcements.

With UV protection and weather resistance, it will not rust, peel or decay and never need painting. A durable shed, virtually maintenance free, just wipe clean with a damp cloth or hose it down for heavier dirt.

With a storage capacity of 131.8 cubic feet, it is lit by natural light by a skylight and fixed window as well as being vented providing air circulation.

The single front door has a lockable latch and internal shelf brackets are already installed although, locks and shelves are sold separately.

A sturdy floor panel is provided but, the installation instructions ask that you put the shed on a wooden or concrete platform.

Mixed reviews about the assembly are present online but many report no problems assembling the shed, generally taking 1 – 2 people up to 4 hours to assemble.

Providing storage space for small items, the well-designed interior also offers room for bicycles, wheelbarrows, lawnmowers, snow blowers and more.

Priced at the higher end of the market and with a 10-year limited warranty, this shed would be an attractive addition to your back garden.

Click to read more reviews and check the price

Best Plastic Storage Shed: Keter Factor 6 x 3

Storing your tools and other items has never been easier with this option for the best plastic storage shed.

When it comes to plastic sheds for sale, the Keter Factor 6 x 3 has both form and function with its 186.9 cubic foot storage capacity.

Like other Keter resin storage sheds, it features a fixed window and skylight allowing natural light and is vented for air circulation. Double doors allow for easy access and shelf brackets are pre-installed however, locks and shelves are sold separately.

Like other Keter products, its eco-friendly, recyclable polypropylene resin plastic featuring a wood grain texture and steel reinforcements make it extremely durable.

With UV protection and weather resistance, it will not rust, peel or decay and will never need painting.

The fitting instructions ask that you place the shed with its sturdy floor panel on a wooden or concrete platform and it’s stated that two (2) people are required to complete the assembly of this range of best outdoor resin storage sheds.

Fill it with tools, garden equipment, pool toys and other like items and this shed will never feel claustrophobic.

Priced at the lower end of the high price market this shed also comes with a 10-year limited warranty.

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Best Metal Storage Shed: Arrow Sheds HM86 Hamlet Steel Storage Shed

Looking for a metal garden storage shed then the galvanised steel DIY storage shed kits for sale from Arrow is an option in the large metal storage sheds range.

The pre-drilled, galvanised steel pieces are corrosive resistant not wearing due to insects, sunlight, heat or rot and are ideal for DIY assembly although there are a lot of screws and nuts to assemble this shed.

Floors are not provided meaning that the sheds should be mounted to a timber or concrete foundation.

There are a range of optional extras which can be purchased which includes mounting brackets for this purpose.

With gable-roof style, sliding doors and 230 cubic feet of storage space, the Hamlet will store anything from garden equipment to bikes.

Supplied with a 12-year limited warranty, the Hamlet is priced in the mid-price range market and makes an economical outdoor storage option for your backyard.

A perfect choice if you’re after the best metal storage shed.

Click here to read more reviews and check the price.

Best Portable Shed: Kdgarden Heavy Duty Canopy Storage Shelter

Are you looking for the best portable shed option or just quality cheap outside storage? Then this Kdgarden Heavy Duty Canopy Storage Shelter is a portable outdoor storage shed option that can’t be missed.

This canopy shelter has 4 walls and roof made from a tough engineered fabric which is heavy duty, water resistant and UV protected.

The powder coated heavy duty steel frame has prevention against chipping, peeling, rust and corrosion. Ratchet and web strap pieces keep the cover tight and neat looking.

Apart from storing small garden equipment, wood and other smaller items, it can be used also as a protective carport shelter for storing small vehicles. The 8-foot high zippered door entrance allows easy access for small vehicles.

If you’re after one of the portable storage sheds for a temporary solution to storage problems, then this is a good choice.

Priced like a good quality camping tent, this portable, temporary storage option is value for money and useful short term and longer term.

Click here to check the price and read more reviews

Best Wood Storage Shed: Leisure Zone Outdoor Wooden Garden Shed Locker

One of the best wooden garden sheds is the Leisure Zone Outdoor Wooden Garden Shed Locker, a wooden outdoor storage box, which has ample space to store various gardening equipment.

This shed is ideal for outdoors due to the solid fir wood with a weatherproof coating, as well as a durable black asphalt, felt roof which prevents water from leaking through.

Two internal shelves and a folding work table make it a complete outdoor workstation and one of the better wood storage sheds for sale.

When you have finished working and packed away your tools, this wooden garden storage box can be locked using the magnetic and rotary wood lock.

With adjustable legs and overall dimensions of 25.2”W x 18”D x 61.6”H, it can be placed anywhere whether the area is large or small, level or uneven.

This shed will not store your large ticket items, but at the lower end of the price market, it does make a useful smaller addition to the garden at a budget that most people will be able to afford.

Click to check the price and read more here

Best Vinyl Storage Shed: YardStash The IV

Are you looking for the best vinyl storage sheds for sale to use as cheap garden storage?

YardStash The IV backyard storage units have a Heavy Duty vinyl tarpaulin body and roof and offer an alternative to the more conventional cheap outdoor storage sheds. (We love it for bike storage too)

The material of the YardStash IV is designed for the more extreme weather conditions and the tabbed top and bottom zippers with storm flaps offer both easy access and full protection against water, pests and dust.

The mesh vent at the top wards off condensation. This shed tent was designed and built for year-round extreme weather conditions.

Although the manufacturer says it is quick to set up and take down, user reviews are mixed and some report that 2 people are required.

This portable storage option is multi-purposed, portable and priced at the lower end of the market and is more affordable than similar sized wood or metal sheds.

Click to check the price and read more reviews here

Best Cheap Garden Storage: YardStash Outdoor Storage Deck Box

A cheap garden storage box used as an inexpensive outdoor storage option is the YardStash Outdoor Storage Deck Box XL.

It is guaranteed not to warp, crack or leak and provides a more durable, versatile, portable and a cheap tool shed option to the more expensive plastic deck boxes.

The YardStash Outdoor Storage Box XL is built entirely of weatherproof, tear proof and UV proof industrial grade vinyl tarpaulin with welded seams and has an internal pole frame.

The extra-large size (60” long x 25” wide by 28” high), is ideal for storing outdoor furniture pillows, garden tools, folding chairs, camping gear and similar items.

YardStash, with this storage box, have provided a versatile 20 cubic foot storage option not just for back gardens, but also for the home, camp, pool and boat.

Although the top only snaps in, it is complete with a nylon soft material floor and the seams and frame keep it sturdy and well enclosed.

It features weatherproof materials, a patented easy-to-assemble design and lightweight construction for convenient portability. Priced at the lower end of the market, this is one of the most versatile boxes priced to suit all budgets.

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