10 Dry Food Storage Containers Perfect for Small Kitchens

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The best dry food storage containers are ones that not only keep your food fresh but are also stackable, so you can save space in the kitchen.

Airtight containers can be used for all sorts of things, storing bulk food items in the pantry, leftovers in the fridge or freezer or even to take your lunch with you to work.

One of my favorite things about good quality storage containers is just how much space they can save.

The best storage containers are designed in such a way to stack on top of each other, as well as go side by side compactly in your pantry.

This is a far better use of space, as opposed to keeping food in the packets they come in.

If you have a small kitchen, a small pantry or even a small fridge, having the compact kitchen storage containers set is essential!

When it comes to the best food storage containers on the market, there are some great options available, but it is essential you do your homework so you know just what to look for.

While you don’t have to spend a stack of money, you also don’t want to go cheap and nasty either, as it will cost you more in the long run to buy replacements.

Our Pick for the Best Dry Food Storage Containers: Rubbermaid Food Containers

Don’t have time to read my entire guide on the best airtight food containers?

Well, my pick for the best kitchen storage containers has to be the Rubbermaid Brilliance Pantry set thanks to their versatility, range of sizes and super durable plastic that is so crystal clear you could be forgiven for thinking it was glass.

Best Airtight Containers Comparison Chart 2024

Below is a brief overview of all the products in these best food storage containers reviews.

With this table, you can quickly compare the products side by side and easily determine which are the best airtight food storage containers for you.

For more information about each of the best airtight storage containers, keep reading for my full reviews below.

ProductMaterialDesignNo. & sizesRatingPrice
Rubbermaid Brilliance Pantry
10 Piece:
1 x 19.9 cup, 1 x 16 cup, 1 x 8.1 cup, 1 x 7.8 cup, 1 x 6.6 cup, 1 x 3.2 cup, 1 x 1.3 cup & 2 x .5 cup
Chef’s Path
7 Piece:
1 x 8 cups, 2 x 5.1 cups, 2 x 3.4 cups & 2 x 2.1 cups
10 Piece:
1 x 16 cups, 1 x 10 cups, 1 x 9.6 cups, 1 x 8.4 cups, 2 x 3.6 cups, 2 x 2 cups & 2 x 1.2 cups
6 Piece:
2 x 8 cups, 1 x 5 cup, 2 x 3.3 cups & 1 x 2.1 cups
DWELLZA Containers
4 Piece:
4 x 7.2 cups
Zeppoli Airtight Set
15 Piece:
3 x 8 cups, 3 x 6 cups, 6 x 3.6 cups & 3 x 1.4 cups
Vtopmart Containers
6 Piece:
2 x 13.2 cups & 4 x 6 cups
Oggi Canisters
4 Piece:
1 x 8 cups, 1 x 6 cups, 1 x 3.25 cups & 1 x 2.75 cups
Bellemain 4 Piece
4 Piece:
1 x 8 cups, 1 x 6 cups, 1 x 3.25 cups & 1 x 2.75 cups
Anchor Hocking
4 Piece:
4 x 4, 6, 8 or 10 cups
Prep Naturals
10 Piece:
10 x 3 or 3.6 cups
Anchor Hocking Round
13 Piece:
2 x 7 cups, 3 x 4 cups, 4 x 2 cups & 4 x 1 cup

What to Consider when looking for the Best Airtight Food Containers

Before rushing out and purchasing a kitchen container set, there are a few things you should consider. You probably think every kitchen storage set is the same but there are a few subtle differences between an ok set and the best food storage container set. 

Consider the following factors:

1. Material

Airtight containers tend to be made from plastic or glass. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages:


Most containers are made from plastic because it is cheap and lightweight. However, not all plastic food containers are created equal.

The best plastic food storage containers are the ones made from durable plastic to ensure the containers don’t warp over time and crack. It is essential that containers maintain their shape in order to stay airtight.

Also, the best plastic storage containers don’t contain the toxic BPA chemical – so look for containers labelled BPA free.


With people becoming much more environmentally aware these days, glass food containers are becoming a popular alternative to plastic.

Glass is great for keeping food fresh and doesn’t stain, build up an odor or warp over time like plastic does.

The best glass food storage containers, however, are often more expensive and aren’t lightweight, nor do they stack as well as plastic containers.

However, glass storage containers are very durable and long-lasting.

2. Size

Before purchasing a kitchen food storage set, consider what you plan on storing in them. Are you looking for the best pantry storage containers to store all your bulk items like flour, sugar, pasta or cereal?

Or perhaps you want some small food containers to store items like nuts, seeds or even dry herbs. 

Once you have an idea of what you’re planning on storing in the containers you can decide what size containers are best.

You can purchase containers singularly but it is usually better value to purchase a set.

Sets tend to come with a range of sizes from small food storage containers to large food storage containers and all sizes in between.

Also, consider the amount of space between your pantry shelves to ensure the height of the containers is the perfect fit.

Obviously, you don’t want pantry containers that won’t fit, but at the same time, it’s pointless getting something that’s a little on the short side and wastes space in your pantry.

If your pantry is particularly narrow, you’ll want to consider the width of the containers too.

Once you’ve chosen a brand of food containers, stick with them, as they will stack and fit better together in your pantry.

3. Design / Shape

Food containers with lids tend to come in a square or rectangle shape, but you can also get food containers in a round jar or canister design.

For maximum space-saving, a square/rectangle designed food container set is always best.

Usually, kitchen storage jars or canisters are more stylish than the square/rectangle design, so these are much better if you want to leave them out on the kitchen bench for all to see.

4. Tight Sealing Lids 

One of the most important factors for dry storage containers is to have tight sealing lids to keep the contents fresh. A tight-fitting lid is what keeps your food from going stale, or hard or soft or getting pesky little insects in there.

The lids should also stay tight-fitting after being cleaned or put in the microwave time and time again. How many times have you gone to use a plastic container set only to discover the lid no longer fits?  Super frustrating!

As well as the lids being a great tight fit, they should be quick and easy to take off and on. You shouldn’t have to spend 5 minutes trying to make the lid fit.

5. Stackable

I’ve already talked about this quite a lot, but for maximizing space in your pantry, ensure your food containers are stackable!!!

And I don’t mean that if you get the containers in the right position they kind of balance ok on each other, I’m talking about making sure the containers are designed to be stacked on top of one another.

6. Other Things to Consider 

Here a few other things to consider in terms of food containers:

  • Durable: Don’t go for the cheapest food containers you can find; for long-lasting containers that will keep your food fresh, look for containers made from high-quality plastic or glass.
  • Transparent: Ensure the containers you purchase are completely transparent so you can easily see the contents inside. You don’t want to be pulling out a stack of containers from the pantry and having to open them all just to work out what’s inside. For this reason, I don’t recommend stainless steel containers.
  • Microwave Safe: if you’re looking for the best food storage for leftovers, then making sure the containers are microwave safe is a must.
  • Easy to Clean: Also ensure your containers are dishwasher safe, you don’t want to have to clean them by hand every time you use them!

Best Food Storage Containers Reviews 2024

Rubbermaid Food Containers: Brilliance Pantry Set

Rubbermaid food containers are known for being high quality, durable and long lasting and this Rubbermaid tupperware set is just that making them some of the best food storage containers for pantry organization.

These stackable food containers have a modular design, indentations in the lid and come in a huge range of sizes, from 0.5 cups to nearly 20 cups, that all stack neatly together to save heaps of space in your pantry or fridge.

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These airtight plastic containers with lids are made from a crystal clear, extra-thick Tritan plastic that is odour and stain-resistant. They are dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe as well as being 100% BPA free.

The secure two latch design makes these some of the best stackable food storage containers with lids that snap tightly shut, creating leak-proof containers with an airtight seal. The built-in vents in the latches mean the lid can remain on when they are in the microwave for splatter-free reheating.

This large airtight container set of 10 canisters proves that high quality doesn’t have to mean high price and will save you loads of space in your pantry with its easily stackable design.

Click here to read more reviews and to check the current price.


Best Cheap Food Containers: Chef’s Path Airtight Food Storage Container Set

Cheap food containers don’t have to be low quality! These great clear plastic food containers with lids are durable and won’t blow the budget so you can buy extra to keep your pantry super organized.

These airtight pantry containers are made from a thick clear, BPA free plastic and the lids are made from durable ABS plastic so you don’t have to worry about cracking and breakages. This set of seven comes in a wide range of sizes from 0.5 cups to 8 cups. The special lid lock mechanism on these dry food containers makes sure your food stays 100% fresh for a really long time.

These food storage jars are a rectangular shape and every size is the same width and shape, with just the height differing between sizes, making them particularly good stackable kitchen storage containers. They also come with free chalkboard labels and pen so it’s even easier to keep your pantry well organized.

Cheap airtight canisters can be long-lasting and high quality with this great option that stacks neatly in your pantry, helping you keep everything super organized.

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OXO Good Grips Airtight Food Storage Container Set

Plastic food storage containers with lids that have reliable airtight seals are the best way to keep your pantry organised and essential to ensure your dry goods stay fresher for longer.

These OXO stackable food storage canisters are made from a sturdy BPA free plastic and come in a set of 10 with sizes ranging from 1.2 cups up to 16 cups. The lids have an easy push-button system to create a tight seal and turn these into airtight kitchen containers. They have a modular design, making them easily stackable and great for saving space in the pantry.

These particular kitchen storage canisters also have rounded corners, which helps make them more efficient for pouring and therefore perfect leak-proof food containers for storing liquids. The lids unsnap for easy cleaning and the silicone seals within the lids are fully dishwasher safe.

These plastic kitchen storage containers make great airtight food canisters for the pantry, to keep things organized and save space while ensuring your dry goods stay as fresh as possible.

Click here to read more reviews and to check the current price.

NUMYTON Airtight Food Storage Container Set

This set of 6 airtight plastic storage containers is a good choice for those who want to get started organizing their pantry but are on a tight budget.

These food grade storage containers are made from a non-toxic, BPA free plastic material that is odour resistant. The lids on these airtight jars have a sturdy silicone seal and a locking mechanism to create a vacuum effect. These pantry storage containers sets come in sizes ranging from 1.4 cups to 8 cups making them suitable for all sorts of different dry goods.

They are easily stackable in your pantry so everything can be easily seen but they don’t have indented lids like some of the other options so they may not slot into each other as securely.

If you are just looking for cheap airtight storage jars that can be stacked and will keep food fresh but without breaking the bank, these NUMYTON airtight kitchen storage containers could be what you’re looking for.

Click here to read more reviews and to check the current price.

DWELLZA KITCHEN Airtight Food Storage Containers

These airtight plastic containers for food are perfect for organizing your pantry and won’t leave any nasty plastic smells or tastes, even when stored for a long time.

This set of 4 medium-sized (7.2cups) dry food storage jars are made from a durable thick plastic that is 100% BPA free. The canisters themselves are dishwasher safe, although it’s recommended to simply wipe the lids with warm water.

The lids on these jars have an easy to use tight seal lid locking mechanism and you can create a fully airtight seal by simply pushing the ring down. When you need to open them the ring acts as a handle to remove the lid. The lids also have indentation making them perfect for stacking on top of one another.

If you are looking for the best pantry food storage containers without that horrible plastic smell, these dry food canisters would be a good contender.

Click here to read more reviews and to check the current price.

Zeppoli Airtight Food Storage Container Set

If you are looking for the best kitchen container set to get you started on your journey to better pantry organisation this large 15 piece set should be enough to begin with.

This set of 15 airtight dry food storage containers come in a range of sizes from 8 cups to 1.4 cups so they are great for a range of different food items. They are made from a long-lasting and durable BPA free plastic designed to withstand cracking which is also dishwasher safe.

These also make great stackable plastic food containers thanks to the deep indentations in the lids, which also have a reliable lid lock mechanism that expands the silicon seal and makes the containers air tight. These airtight food storage canisters also double as great liquid containers thanks to their rounded corners and leakproof seal.

If you’re looking for the best airtight containers for pantry stacking and organization, this set from Zeppoli is a good one to consider.

Click here to read more reviews and to check the current price.

Vtopmart Airtight Food Storage Containers


If you just want some cheap dry food storage containers that are long lasting and big enough to fit bulk packs of dry food, these large airtight storage containers are a great one to consider.

This airtight food storage container set is great for storing larger amounts with canisters ranging from 6 cups to 13.2 cups. They are made from a durable food-grade plastic that is 100% BPA free that is designed to be long-lasting and crack resistant.

The lid on these airtight jars for food storage clicks into place on all four sides, creating a reliable airtight seal and the flat lids make them great for stacking in your pantry to save space. This set also comes with free chalkboard labels and marker, which is great if you regularly change what you’re storing.

These large plastic containers with lids would be a great addition to your pantry if you regularly need to keep bulk items organized in your pantry.

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Oggi Acrylic Canister Set

These plastic dry food storage containers would be perfect for anyone with an open pantry whose looking for the best dry storage containers but wants something a little more appealing to the eye than the standard rectangular containers.

These stackable dry food storage containers are a cylindrical shape and come in 4 different sizes, from 2.75 cups to 8 cups. They are made from durable acrylic material with hinged, stainless steel clamps to secure the lids, making them some of the best kitchen canisters if you need something that isn’t just functional but looks good too.

These containers not only look good but they also stack efficiently in your pantry so everything is easily organized and on show. They are also completely dishwasher safe, making clean up a breeze.

These stackable airtight food storage canisters are not only functional but they also look great in case you need to keep them out on the counter sometimes or you have an open pantry.

Click here to read more reviews and to check the current price.

Bellemain 4 Piece Airtight Acrylic Canister Set

Another great option when it comes to the best food canisters is this Bellemain acrylic canister set.  These canisters are long lasting, durable and won’t break if they accidentally slip from your hands.

These stackable dry food storage containers are made from a clear, lightweight and break-resistant acrylic that is non-toxic and 100% BPA free so you can be sure there are no harmful chemicals leeching into your food.

The lids have a secure clamp and silicone gasket giving them a great airtight seal and helping keep your food fresh.

The Bellemain storage canisters make for a great, cheap way to organise your pantry efficiently.

Click here to read more reviews and to check the current price.

Anchor Hocking Airtight Glass Jars Food Storage Container Set with Bamboo Lids

The shape and size of these Anchor Hocking glass storage jars make them a perfect option if you’re after the best glass containers with lids, for food storage.  They are a particularly good option if your pantry has shallow or narrow shelving.

These Anchor Hocking medium and small glass containers for kitchen storage have an unusually narrow design so you can fit a lot of them in your pantry. They come in four different sizes (4, 6, 8 or 10 cups) and the bases are completely dishwasher safe. The bamboo lids are better off being wiped with a damp cloth to retain their quality.

The best glass food containers with lids don’t have to be big and bulky, these narrow glass food storage jars make organizing even the smallest pantry a breeze.

Click here to read more reviews and to check the current price.

Best Divided Food Containers: Prep Naturals Glass Food Storage

These airtight glass containers are a great option for anyone looking for multi-use containers. Not only are they divided food containers but they also make great fridge storage containers and some of the best meal prep containers too.

These glass compartment food containers are made from borosilicate glass, FDA and LFGP approved and completely BPA free. They are also completely dishwasher, microwave, oven, fridge and freezer safe!  They have 2 compartments and their smaller capacity makes them suitable for storing smaller items in the pantry and they can easily be stacked on top of one another to save space.

The lids on these divided storage containers have a SmartestLock system giving them a completely airtight and leak-proof seal.

These are some of the best glass storage containers with lids if you are looking for divided food storage containers that can go straight from pantry to fridge to freezer to oven and so much more.

Click here to read more reviews and to check the current price. 

Anchor Hocking Classic Glass Food Storage Containers with Lids

If you are looking for an option that is a little different to the standard choices, these round jars are a great option to consider if you’re after the best glass food storage containers with airtight lids for your pantry.

These round stackable glass storage jars make a nice change from the usual rectangular shape but they don’t just look good, they are made from tempered tough glass, meaning they are extra durable. They are also 100% BPA free and microwave, oven and freezer safe so they are super versatile.

This 13 pack of storage jars come in a great range of sizes from 1 cup capacity up to 7 cups capacity and when not in use they nest neatly within one another.

Don’t let the round shape fool you these airtight glass storage containers are still an excellent choice for keeping your pantry neat and organized.

Click here to read more reviews and to check the current price.
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