Best Soundproof Curtains 2024: Reduce Noise and Get More Sleep

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Review of the best soundproof curtains on the market today

If you live in a small apartment, or super close to some noisy neighbors, you might consider investing in soundproof curtains to drastically reduce all that outside noise.

In some cases, the best noise-cancelling curtains can eliminate the background noise completely.

There are quite a few different brands making soundproof drapes and curtains, so it’s worth doing your research before purchasing to ensure you get a quality product.

To help you buy the best sound-blocking curtains I have put together this guide on the various options currently on the market.

In these soundproof curtains reviews, I compare some of the best noise-blocking curtains as well as explain the various factors you should take into consideration to ensure you purchase the perfect sound-deadening curtains for you.  I also show you where to buy soundproof curtains for the best price.

So whether you’re after soundproof curtains for home theatre use, soundproof curtains for bedrooms, or just something to help reduce the outside traffic in your living room, you’re sure to find the perfect soundproof curtains for your home in these best noise reducing curtain reviews.

Do Soundproof Curtains Work?

I know what you’re thinking – do soundproof curtains work?  Well, whilst you won’t find any curtains on the market that will block out all noise completely, they do go a long way in helping to reduce the level of noise heard from within your home.

If you’re wondering how to reduce noise in a room quickly and cheaply, then investing in the best noise reducing curtains is a great option.

The Best Sound Blocking Curtains Overall: Nicetown Blackout Curtains

Don’t have time to read my entire noise cancelling curtains reviews?  If you’re looking for the best sound reducing curtains, I recommend the Nicetown Blackout Curtains.

I love these sound dampening curtains because not only do they look fantastic and come in a range of great colors, but they also block out 100% of sunlight and UV rays whilst also dramatically reducing external noise in the room.

They also come in packs of 2 which make them great value for money.

The Best Soundproof Curtains Comparison Table

If you don’t have time to read the entire noise reducing curtains reviews, check out the table below where you can see various sound insulating curtains side by side and compare their various features.  

For more information about the best sound absorbing curtains keep reading below.

BrandNo of Panels in PackageDimensions (inches)Weight (lbs)MaterialRating
Nicetown Blackout2Comes in various lengths (45, 63, 72, 84, 95) with each panel being 52 wide2.31 to 7.39 depending on the lengthThermal Insulated4.7
FlamingoP1Comes in various lengths (63, 84, 96) with each panel being 52 wide1 to 1.65 depending on the lengthThermal Insulated Microfiber4.1
RYB Home1Comes in various lengths3.2 to 8.3 depending on the sizePolyester4.4
Yakamok1 or 2Comes in various lengths (63, 84, 96) with each panel being 52 wide1.65 to 4.31 depending on the sizeThermal Insulated Polyester4.5
Deconovo2Comes in various lengths (45, 54, 63, 72, 84) with each panel being 52 wide2.73 to 4.59 depending on the sizeThermal Insulated Polyester5
H.Versailtex1100W x 108L4.05Thermal Insulated Polyester4.4
Sideli1Comes in various lengths in either 52 or 120 inch wideVarious depending on the sizeVelvet4.3
Nicetown252W x 84L5Velvet4.4
Cherry Home2Comes in various lengths (63, 72, 84, 96, 108, 120) with each panel being 52 wide3.55 to 6.45 depending on the lengthVelvet4.5
Warm Home Designs154 wide and either 63 or 84 in length1.9 or 2 depending on the lengthThermal Insulated4.1

What are Noise Blocking Curtains?

Unlike your standard everyday curtains, noise dampening curtains (also referred to as sound muffling curtains, noise absorbing curtains, sound cancelling curtains or noise proof curtains and various other similar terms) are made from thicker fabrics which have sound absorbing and sound deflection properties.

Most commonly noise control curtains are made from fiberglass, velvet, vinyl, polyester or a combination.

The Best Noise Blocking Curtains

1. Nicetown Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains

Nicetown make a great range of sounds control curtains, so there is no surprise that I have shortlisted two different sets of curtains in these reviews.

These heavyweight insulated sound dampening panels are highly effective in absorbing unwanted outside noises.

These drapes are made with 2 layers of triple weave blackout fabric, to reduce noise in room twice the rate of ordinary curtains.

Also with the sewn in black liner, they will block out 100% of sunlight and UV rays, which makes the perfect addition to a child’s bedroom who takes naps during the day or a shift worker.

You’ll also love how these blackout soundproof curtains will reduce your energy bill.  Being insulated they will keep the room cooler in summer and warmer in winter.  They are also machine washable so super easy to clean.

These blackout noise reduction curtains come in a range of gorgeous colors to suit any decor and coming in a variety of lengths means you’ll find the perfect size to suit your windows.

Other great features include the stylish 1.6-inch silvery grommets for a touch of class and with these drapes coming in a pack of two they offer great value for money given most noise reducing curtains come as single panels.

These Nicetown soundproof curtains will make a stylish addition to any living room, media room or bedroom and are perfect for anyone wondering how to reduce sound in a room.

2. FlamingoP Living Room Curtains

Available in 24 different colors, these super soft microfiber thermal insulated curtains come as a single panel.  They are also suitable to be hung on a range of curtain rods with the 1.6-inch nickel metal grommets.

Not only will these machine washable curtains reduce up to 70% of outside noise coming into your home, they are also capable of blocking out 95% of sunlight and prevent 100% of UV rays.  

This will of course also help save money on your energy bills, as your home will stay cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

If you need to create a quiet and dark room for a daytime sleeper, these 
FlamingoP room darkening and noise reduction curtains
are a great choice.

3. RYB Home Heavy Duty Curtain Panel

If you’re on the hunt for some blackout and noise-reducing curtains, then look no further than the RYB Home Heavy Duty Curtain Panel.

Sold in a single panel in 3 different sizes these heavy duty soundproof curtains are easy to install with 14 silver grommets on top with an inner diameter of 1.6 inches.

Made from 100% durable polyester and super soft triple woven fabric, these curtains also have the same fabric on both the front and back, so you know you’re purchasing a quality product.  

Completely machine washable and able to be ironed, this is a very low maintenance curtain.

With 9 different colors to suit your color scheme, these noise and light blocking curtains by RYB Home will help upgrade any rooms appearance

4. Yakamok Soundproof Curtain Panels

These thermal insulated blackout and soundproof curtains would make the perfect addition to any room.  Made from soft and silky fabric and hemmed to have an elegant look they will not only be practical but also a stylish feature of any room.

With the same color on both sides these triple weaved fabric curtains that block out sound have a dark shading rate of 95-99% and a light shading rate of 85-90%, making them a great option to maintain the same temperature all year round.  

Sold with single or double panels per pack and with 24 different colors to choose from there will be something to suit anyone’s taste and home décor. 

With no formaldehyde, no chemical coating, nontoxic odor and environmental protection you can be assured these noise barrier curtains are safe and environmentally friendly.  

These curtains are also low maintenance being machine washable and tumble dry friendly.

These Yakamok soundproof curtain panels are a great option for anyone looking for noise and light reducing curtains. With the different color options and elegant style they’re perfect for anyone looking for more than practicality.

5. Deconovo Full Blackout Curtains

Protect your privacy and block out the light and UV rays with the Deconovo Full Blackout sound curtains for home.

Made from 100% premium quality polyester fabric these curtains will last for years and are great thick noise blocking curtains.  

The faux linen curtains come in pairs and are available in 7 different colors and 5 different sizes so there is bound to be something suitable for everyone’s requirements.

Thermally insulated, these curtains will provide you with a perfect room temperature all year round.  

The blackout effect also hinders the sunlight entering into any room and makes these perfect for any bedroom, kids room or even living room where you need a relaxing undisturbed space.

If you’re looking for room darkening noise reducing curtains for a child’s room or for a shift worker these Deconovo Full Blackout Curtains make a great option and would provide the perfect environment for a great sleep no matter what time of day.

6. H.Versailtex Premium Blackout Curtains

The Versailtex Premium Blackout Curtains are another great option for those looking for light and sound blocking curtains and one of the best curtains to block out noise.  Made from 100% polyester they’re designed for total privacy and blackout.

Their curtains are sold in a single panel design measuring 8.5ft tall by 9ft wide.   Each panel has 16 strong metal grommets and can be easily hung on anything from a basic to decorative curtain rod.

Made from triple woven textured thick microfiber fabric, these blinds are super soft and durable and are crafted for high performance but also luxury.  Thermally insulated these blackout sound curtains can block out 99% sun light and prevent 100% UV rays.

With a 100% satisfied customer feedback, 8-year quality warranty and 30-day return policy the product speaks for itself.

If you’re looking for a high-quality product to darken a room, reduce noise or to provide privacy these H.Versailtex noise cancelling blackout curtains are the perfect choice.

7. Sideli Solid Rod Pocket Matt Heavy Velvet Curtains

These velvet noise reducing curtains from Sideli are the perfect choice for anyone who wants to add a touch of style to any room with the added benefits from noise eliminating curtains.

Sold in single panels in 4 different sizes and with 24 different colors to choose from there is bound to be an option to suit anyone’s requirements.

Made from super soft heavyweight velvet with a matt finish these panels are designed to block out over 90% of the outside light and up to 40% of unwanted noise.

Create a comfortable dark sleep environment no matter what time of day.  The material features will help keep the hot air out and the air conditioning in through summer, whilst in winter they will keep the cold out helping to save energy and money.

Maintenance is also really easy with these velvet noise cancelling curtains, simply cold machine wash, tumble dry and cool iron when needed.

If you want to improve your sleep with a touch of luxury these Sideli sound dampening window curtains might provide that perfect sleeping environment you have been looking for.

8. NICETOWN Velvet Curtains

Another great option to create the ultimate soundproof space is these velvet soundproof curtains from Nicetown.

Made from plush velvety fabric these curtains have proven to be great sound absorbers by helping decrease the outside noise and also reduce 98% of the light from outside.

Each package includes two panels with 4 different size options to suit. Choose from 7 different color options to suit your room’s style.

High-quality microfiber coating helps to keep the room set at an optimum temperature all year round by insulating against either heat or cold and is also a great energy saving option.

Maintenance has also been thought of with these sound proof fabric curtains and a quick steam clean is all that is required to refresh the fabric and keep them looking brand new.

These Nicetown heavy velvet curtains soundproof any room but also provide a great energy saving option and will help cut down on your electricity bill.

9. Cherry Home Super Soft Luxury Velvet Curtains

You will be guaranteed a good night sleep with the Cherry Home super-soft luxury velvet curtains.  These noise and light cancelling curtains block out 85-99% of light and 80% of UV rays to provide the ultimate environment for the perfect night’s sleep.

Made from polyester the super-soft 280gsm heavyweight velvet has innovative weave technology and is designed in 17 different color options to coordinate well within any room setting.

Sold in pairs with 6 different sized options to choose from there is something to suit any size requirements.  Add more panels to create fullness and coverage if required. With stainless steel grommets included these curtains are easy to hang to complete your room.  

These easy-care curtains that block out noise also will help to create privacy and protect against hot and cold weather to provide an energy-efficient space.

As the name suggests these Cherry Home luxury curtains will add style to any room but with the added bonus of sound and light reduction they really would complete any room and be the perfect option for noise barrier curtains for home use.

10. Warm Home Designs

Help to create privacy in any room with these sound and light proof curtains from Warm Home Designs.

These thermal blackout curtains are tested to block at least 95% of the sun’s light and reduce outside noise for a more peaceful sleep.  Perfect for creating privacy in any bedroom, kids room or lounge room.

Sold in a single panel of 54inch x 95inches, it is recommended that 2 panels are used to cover full-sized windows to have the full effects of sound eliminating curtains.  Choose from 4 different color options to suit your room’s style.

These machine-washable sound resistant curtains will also help to save on electricity and heating cost by blocking the outside heat during summer and the cold during winter.

If you have anyone in your household who might need to sleep during the day these also provide a great option for keeping the room at the perfect temperature no matter what time of the day.

If you’re looking for noise blackout curtains to create that perfect sleep environment then these curtains by Warm Home Designs will have you sleeping comfortably in no time.

Things to Look for when Buying the Best Noise Cancelling Curtains

The term “soundproof curtains” is often misused by manufacturers.  To ensure you purchase only the best curtains for sound reduction, consider the following factors:

  • Size / Window Measurement

When purchasing your standard type of curtain, you usually purchase curtains the exact size of the window.

However, when purchasing soundproof window curtains, you want to look for curtains around 2-3 times wider than the window and around 8 to 10 inches longer.  Better still, get sound baffling curtains that come all the way to the floor.

So before purchasing your noise insulating curtains, measure the window you wish to dress, and make a note of the minimum size noise muffling curtains required to ensure you get the best sound dampening curtains for your window.

  • Materials

The material the anti-noise curtains are made from is perhaps the most important fact when purchasing the most effective curtains.  As mentioned earlier, sound minimizing curtains are made from thick fabrics with sound absorbing and sound deflection properties.

Most commonly sound buffering curtains are made from fiberglass, velvet, suede, vinyl, polyester or a combination. Generally, the more fibres contained in the curtains, the better the curtains will be at reducing noise.

Another good fabric choice for noise muffling curtains are ones made with layers and labelled as insulated, thermaweave or thermalayer.

Curtains made with these materials have the bonus of acting as insulation, so will keep the room warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Also look for noise resistant curtains which include liners.  Liners such as blackout liners, curtain liners and window liners add an extra layer that sound is required to pass through to enter your home.

  • Weight

The best noise cancelling window curtains, tend to be heavy.  The heavier and thicker the curtain, the better they will be at absorbing sound and therefore reducing noise in the room.

  • Curtain Rods

Given thick soundproof curtains are heavy, you will need to ensure you have appropriate curtain rods to be able to handle the weight.

You will want something designed to minimize gaps between the window and the heavy noise reducing curtains to provide the best results for noise reduction.

For hanging heavy curtains for soundproofing, there are two different types of curtain rods to use: wrap around rods or ceiling mounted brackets.

  • Wrap Around Rods:

Unlike standard curtain rods, these rods attach to your walls at a curve, enabling the noise reducing window curtain to go from wall to wall, ensuring there is no gap between the curtain and the wall.  These rods are easy to install.

  • Ceiling Mounted Brackets:

As the name suggests, these rods are mounted to the ceiling.  Install them close to the window to ensure the gap between window and sound suppression curtains is minimal for the best results of eliminating noise.

  • Color

Of course, you will want your noise reducing curtains for home to look stylish in your home.  Luckily many of the best soundproof curtains come in some gorgeous colors and you won’t need to compromise on the look.

  • Ease of Installation:

As mentioned, thick noise reducing curtains are rather heavy, so you’re going to want curtains that are easy to install despite their weight.

  • Grommets

To ensure your noise suppression curtains hang nicely and won’t tear down, look for curtains with a strong, steel grommet.

  • Easy to wash

Check that the noise blocking window curtains you purchase can be machine washable, or easily wiped over with a sponge.

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