8 Ways to Organize Kitchen Cabinets For Maximum Space

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This is how to organize kitchen cabinets without stressing out. In as little as a few hours, you will transform your entire kitchen!

Does trying to put things away in your kitchen make you want to scream? Do you feel like you never have enough storage space?

I know how that feels – and I found some amazing hacks that will make your small kitchen feel spacious again. 

8 Ways To Organize Kitchen Cabinets 

There’s an easy no-fail and no-stress way to completely revamp your kitchen cabinet storage so that you can finally have enough room to store everything you own. 

My no-stress way to organize kitchen cabinets has 3 simple steps: Clean, Purge, Store.

When you do it in this order, you will feel relief and be able to organize your kitchen in no time at all. 

One thing to remember: when you go through these steps to organize kitchen cabinets, do one cabinet at a time. If you try to take out every single dish and container in your entire kitchen, it will overwhelm you very quickly.

Do one cabinet at a time and you’ll have the entire kitchen organized in no time at all! 

1. Clean 

Take everything out of your cabinet. Put it on the table or countertop. Now, wipe down the shelves. If you find small bits of food, it might help to vacuum them out too. 

This is the perfect time to add new contact paper to the bottom of the shelf and give it a new look. 

Look at your dishes and wash the ones that have dirt or dust on them so that you are putting away clean dishes. 

2. Purge

This is the most important step of all. Donate or throw away as much as you can.

When was the last time you cooked anything in that one odd-shaped pot? If it wasn’t in the past 6 months, get rid of it. 

This is also the time to verify that you have matching lids for your plastic containers and pots and pans. Dispose of anything that doesn’t match. 

It is so much easier to store things when you have room to store it. 

3. Store 

Now it’s time to put everything back in your cabinets. Before you put them away, create some storage systems for them.

I’ll show you some ideas below to help you store the different things that you keep in your kitchen cabinets. 

Storing common things in bins with labels is always an easy way to keep things together and easy to find. 

At this step evaluate where you are storing things and don’t be afraid to move things around in your kitchen. Would your plates and cups fit better on the other side of the kitchen? Move them! 

A well-organized kitchen keeps things were you can find them quickly and store things together.

This prevents things from getting lost and creates a sense of overall wellbeing too. 

Easy Kitchen Storage Hacks 

Now that you know how to create more kitchen storage, here are some of my favorite hacks that I found online. All of them will help you store thing things you use most. 

4. Match Plastic Containers With Their Lids

A kitchen cabinet with organized plastic food containers

This post shows you how to create an organized system for storing plastic food storage containers (like Tupperware). 

When you create a system for organizing your plastic food containers, remember to make it easy to maintain.

If it involves too much stacking and takes too long to put things away, change it. 

5. Organize Under the Kitchen Sink 

The area under the kitchen sink organized

Another spot that constantly gets cluttered and disorganized is under the kitchen sink.

When you use creative containers like in the photo above, you can store everything in a way that looks good too. 

One of the best tips out there is to store all your cleaning products in a portable caddy. These are relatively inexpensive and you can find them at places like dollar stores. 

Adding a wire shelf will give you double the storage space too! Don’t forget about the back of the cabinet door.

This is a valuable storage space where you can store things like paper towels and cleaning gloves. 

6. Sort Kitchen Drawers

Sorted and organized kitchen drawers

One of the most satisfying things to organize is the kitchen drawers.

Invest in smaller containers that will keep everything in its place. Organization Boutique used smaller containers for things that needed the extra structure. 

7. Slide Out Rack for Pots and Pans

A slide out rack for pots and pans

Upgrade your lower kitchen cabinets by installing slide-out racks.

This idea will make it so much easier to keep your pots and pans accessible and organized.

The best part about it is that you don’t need to spend a ton of money getting new custom cabinets. This rack can be installed in most kitchen cabinets. 

8. Store Food in Labeled Containers

Food in Kitchen Pantry

I love storing dry goods like cereals, rice, and flour in labeled food containers. We Three Shanes completely revamped their pantry on a small budget using dry food storage containers.

Not only can you store more food this way (when you stack the containers) but it prevents messes and spills too! 

How To Organize Kitchen Cabinets: Final Thoughts

When you organized your kitchen cabinets, set off with a goal of how you want it to look and function. When you are finished, don’t forget to show it off!

A well-organized kitchen is so much more fun to cook and bake it. You deserve a stress-free place for food prep.

These steps for organizing kitchen cabinets will help you take your kitchen from chaos to calm in no time at all!

More Kitchen Organizing Tips

As you go through your home and continue organizing and decorating, these tips will keep you efficient! 

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