10 Ways to Declutter Your Kitchen In One Day

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If you have no room to store your food and dishes, then you need this guide! This is how to declutter your kitchen in just an afternoon.

Is your kitchen the heart of your home?

If it is, it’s probably one of the first places to get cluttered up and messy.

It’s where you eat, read your mail, start and end your day.

It’s no wonder you might feel like you are running out of storage space. 

Thankfully, this is an easy problem to fix. By following these simple steps, you will revamp your kitchen in a beautiful way. 

How To Declutter Your Kitchen 

All you need is one afternoon and you can have a completely organized kitchen with enough storage space to keep everything you own.

Follow each of these steps and you’ll have a clean and tidy kitchen. 

1. Take An Inventory 

The very first step is to go through your entire kitchen and take an inventory of everything you own.

Write down if you have multiples of something or if you have areas that need extra attention.

Before you even start pulling things out of cabinets or throwing things away, you need to make a plan. 

This will also help you decide what kinds of storage baskets and solutions you need to establish. 

2. Discard Broken and Unused Things

Now it’s time to give or throw away the things that you don’t use or can’t use because they are too broken or old.

This one step will free up a lot of space that you can use to store more things and get them off of your countertops. 

Donate anything that you haven’t used in the past 6 months.

If you haven’t used it, you probably won’t in the future.

3. Start With Your Drawers

Organizing your kitchen drawers is one of the best places to start.

This will give you the emotional reward of finishing something – and this feeling will motivate you to conquer the rest of the kitchen. 

Vow to completely get rid of your junk drawer.

Give every space in your drawers a specific purpose.

You should only keep things in your kitchen that you use in and around your kitchen.

Store smaller things like batteries and pins in tiny plastic containers so they stay organized. 

4. Clean Off Your Countertops 

After you attack your drawers, set your sites on the countertops.

This is the next area that will be the quickest “win.”

Don’t just move things from one spot to another.

Be purposeful when you move things and give them a home. 

If you have appliances or food sitting on the counter top without a place they belong, create a place they can stay. 

5. Organize One Cabinet At A Time

Now that you conquered the messy drawers and your cluttered counter tops, start going through your kitchen cabinets.

Work through them slowly.

Organize one cabinet at a time. 

Pull out everything from the cabinet.

Wipe down the insides of the cabinet so that you put everything away in a clean space. 

Put everything back in an organized way.

If you don’t have an effective way of storing some of your things, set up new systems.

I have a ton more trick and hacks for you in my kitchen cabinet guide – check it out! 

6. Find Storage For Small Appliances

One of the biggest sources of kitchen clutter is a collection of small kitchen appliances all over the counters.

From the blender to the waffle maker, these things tend to take up so much space. 

Look inside your cabinets and pantry and find some storage for as many appliances as you can. 

You are going to love how it feels to see clean and spacious counters again. 

7. Create A Command Center

Another common source of kitchen clutter is mail and papers.

Set up a system for handling bills and papers that come into your house that doesn’t include just setting them on the counter and forgetting about them. 

Instead, set up a command center with a calendar and a filing system.

Sort your bills by priority and go through your files once a week and clean them out.

This will keep your papers off your counters. 

8. Establish Storage for Fresh Fruits And Veggies 

Fresh produce can serve as a beautiful centerpiece on your counter tops.

Buy a fruit basket and display them on your table.

This will also help you remember to eat them and it will keep them fresh for longer too. 

9. Identify Your Bottlenecks And Fix Them

As you go through and organizing everything, write down anything that stumps you.

Are you having a hard time finding a place to store your coffee cups?

What about your bread? 

Solve these bottlenecks. Give them a place they belong so that you stop just placing them on the counter and letting it all pile-up. 

10. Set Up A System You Can Stick To 

It’s not enough to just clean off the counters and sort the things in your cabinets.

You need to create storage systems that you will stick to long-term.

If your pots and pans are stacked in a way that will wreck the minute you use them, create a different system. 

You will keep your kitchen organized long-term when you think like this and make your systems easy to follow. 

Check out these pots and pans organization ideas for inspiration.

How To Declutter Your Kitchen: Final Thoughts 

Having a clutter-free kitchen will inspire you to organize the rest of your house. Take these tips and you can conquer your kitchen in as little as one afternoon! 

More Kitchen Tips 

Now that you know how to declutter your kitchen, here are some more tips and ideas. 

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